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Spankings vs. 'Time Out'

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Children's emotional Right Brains begin to become disciplined by their rational Left Brains around ages 5 to 7. Meanwhile, parents are hopefully teaching their children the "Big Three" socializations--"right from wrong," "proper from improper," and "legal from illegal." However, since children resist much of such teachings, parents reinforce these lessons in various ways so that the Left Brain is able to apply the "Big Three" lessons into other areas of life, partly because it is able to figure out the consequences of doing wrong. If the child’s Left Brain is not grabbed and fixed in this regard—perhaps by reasoning or guilt (e.g. feeling sorry about what damage wrong actions caused) or from getting hurt by wrong actions or by being spanked for engaging in wrong actions—then the Right Brain remains undisciplined in dealing with serious business. The Right Brain is not equipped to make reasonable decisions or to consistently follow any constructive pattern.

Therefore, when situations become intolerable or overwhelming the individual may go mentally “wild” and fashion a way of living on its own that generally operates on the borders of the boundaries of society—and, if connected with ones Brute Brain, will step outside those boundaries. All ethnic groups have the same spread of “intelligence”—from geniuses on down the ladder to the bottom. What makes the difference is how each individual decides to use his/her brain. In my opinion, the world's greatest mental training models are Ancient Africans.

In light of Europeans' philosophy pertaining to disciplining their own children and in light of their discipline restrictions imposed on Black people, today's messy USA discipline issues are in need of urgent attention. And there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. One reason is that children have different mindsets based upon their degree of instinctual stubbornness.

Second, stemming from parent involvement children have different beliefs as to how little or how much they can get away with.

Third is the child's projected role in life. These three place each child on his/her appropriate position on the Thinker's Scale (a negative and a positive scale separated by a zero). Those who fit on the far end of the negative scale are not likely to respond to anything except very stern measures, just short of abuse. Those on the far end of the positive scale are likely to respond to reason and "Family Talk" discussions. Just short of those extremes, "Time Outs" might work. "Time Outs" are designed to give children a break from parental yelling and a time to calm down, shift the mind, and regroup. It begins by waiting 5 seconds to see if the child will follow a command. If there is no response after a warning, then the child is placed in a chair isolated from the interaction of others. The length of the "Time Out" is determined by one minute per year of age by means of a kitchen timer. Children must stay in "Time Out" until they have been quiet for the entire period. For older children "Time Out" clocking does not begin until they get quiet, no matter how long that takes.

"Time Outs" are likely to work best for White children who do not need to be held to the same discipline standards as Black people and who get immediate and extensive advantages over the vast majority of Black youth. They are exposed to unique advantageous things and concepts--like being automatically connected to powerladen networks of fellow White people who can and do promote them into high positions (not based on intelligence but rather merely learning the pattern of what has been laid out for them) and who can and do protect them from “human errors” that would lead Black youth to jail. Such are great time savers for Whites and allows for their self-indulgence through life. For Black children with high humanity standards and who do not respond to "Time Out" the gentlest methods that get their attention and reinforce the message are required. Black adults I asked agreed that a swat on the buttock got the child's attention and greatly reduced the chances that the child would "forget."

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+1 # shayna 2012-12-07 18:20
Perhaps you should take race out of it

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