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'Wrist Slap' Spankings

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In the literature one can find voluminous information and studies on how spankings adversely affect the mind. Critical thinkers know that tests can be designed to produce any desired results and thus will ask: who did these tests?; what ethnic group(s) were involved and what were their values?; what were the types of brain usage patterns (e.g. Right Brain, Left Brain oriented) of those tested?; what were their ages and with what degree of chronic mental trauma?; who decided the results?; how were the testers and reporters rewarded for their findings? and were the testers free to give honest opinions? One must be very careful about believing any results that have a bearing on Black youth--and especially if done by Europeans on White people, for White people. Exercise more caution when those results are imposed on Black people because fools have a history of doing evil things to Black victims based upon models devised for Whites. In medicine, I have seen the effects of this practice done routinely in a manner that penalizes Black people in devastating ways--and often for life. If one listens or reads carefully about "what scientific tests prove" in such things as whether eggs are good for humans or not, over a period of time this "proof" will be contradicted.

Keep in mind that real life often works differently than the controlled environments of "studies." Among Europeans, this lack of purity and flawed foundation of "truth" dates to ancient times.

For example, ancient Greek researchers' peculiar ways of determining “facts” on what a tree is like was to speculate about it rather than to examine a tree. Their classical scholarship consisted of a set of related, specialized techniques aimed at making readily available, in a user friendly manner, the cultural heritage of antiquity (primarily that of Africa). Rather than being creative or insightful, this meant editing established works; comparing different manuscripts and oral recitations of a work; giving interpretations to doubtful passages; and commenting in notes or in separate treatises on the style, meaning, and context of an authority's thoughts. The not-sobright Greeks were also more interested in passing along what was already known than re-examining the facts or starting anew on trying to understand something or figure out a solution to a problem. Aspects of these faulty research methods have been carried into the present. It displays as a pervading unwritten rule told to White students but not to Black students. The rule is that the student's thoughts alone regarding something in new frontiers are worthless. In order to bring that creative or innovative subject into a center-piece position where it will be recognized, the essence of it must have been already proven by some respected authority or expert. Then with that established information the student builds the structure for the study to be undertaken. Such is an important way White youth are molded into the “Big Three” patterns --White Superiority, White Privilege, and Caste system--so as to maintain the status quo that ensures their "good life," irrespective of fair-play or the truth. This is like Henny Penny of fairytale fame who claimed "the sky is falling" and her friends carried this message to the king. The friends (students) were wrong because Henny Penny (the authorities) was wrong. Unfortunately, these faulty European systems are being embraced by too many African and Black American scholars. This compounds delusions for all involved!

Yet, the “Big Three” that has always permeated the USA with evilness has also significantly shaped the reasons for and the ways of discipline among the Europeans and the Slaves--and those patterns persist. Socializing White youth into a “Big Three” world automatically means discipline is not of high priority for those in power because self-discipline is not needed to maintain brute control. In addition, the "Big Three" provide implied power to White youth which thereby allows them to fashion a superiority complex destructive to the world. The success of European implied power is based upon the fact that "GUN Power" allows dumb Europeans to impose all of their inferior systems on people of peace and dictate how those people are going to maneuver in their lives. Hence, in general, White students who grossly mess up while following the ancient Greek structure will get a "Wrist Slap" (a mild reproof) and a warning to not get caught again. But Black students who "mess up" in a similar manner (as judged by Whites) or who prefer to find the truth and follow it wherever it leads will be punished in ways far above and beyond "Wrist Slaps."

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