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Spanking Philosophy Of Eurocentrics

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In 1727 the word "Spank"--originally imitative in reference to the sound of spanking--meant "to strike with the open hand." But of course the act of spankings slips back into history beyond human awareness. To put this subject in perspective, first there is no question that Black and White Americans have never been reared the same because in foundational realms they do not share the same values. The Afrocentric strive to create, enhance, or maintain ways of synthesizing “group-ness”, sameness, commonality, cooperation, collective responsibility, interdependence, survival of all concerned, and being one with nature. By contrast, Europeans' typical “I” (Individualism) society features are: looking for differences in people, individuality, uniqueness, being competitive, advocating individual rights, separateness and independence, survival of the fittest, and control over Nature (Nobles in Jones, Black Psychology p103). My guess is that 90% of Europeans' interest in people is not about them as valuable human beings but rather from a selfish alliance perspective-- to join forces to defeat a common enemy and to take unfair advantage of others, either to make money or keep from losing money. Second, as a result of these different values Black people and White people have entirely different approaches and methods for going about getting what is most important--and that influences their discipline forms.

Third, the very fact of the “Big Three” which characterize how White people view life--via White Superiority, White Privilege, and a Negro Caste system—generates a world of difference in their mindsets as opposed to the minds of any other culture. White Superiority, the most absurd concept ever invented, concerns being energized from exercising control; having riches (e.g. in money and possession); being “drunk with power”; and feeling entitled to Prerogatives--meaning extra special privileges as exhibited by simply taking from dark-skinned owners whatever they find attractive, useful or necessary to gain evil ends. White Superiority's foundation is their GUN power (ranging from pistols to nuclear bombs) and White males' willingness and eagerness to kill people, animals and Nature for greedy reasons. The "Negro Caste” (Portuguese for unmixed race) is designed for Black people to “stay in their place”--the place assigned them by White males. It is used as the mechanism of achieving White Superiority and White Privilege.

By being able to dominate all institutions that control people— media, social, economic, political, educational, religious— Europeans could, can, and do exploit their victims at will by means of oppression or intimidation in order to acquire, enhance, and maintain the most precious things of Tangible Value. When one has GUN Power one does not need much, if any, disciplining (e.g. of children).

Nevertheless, the Euro- American spanking philosophy began when the innumerable assortment of Europeans--convicts, prostitutes, religious dissidents, the wayward, and the like-- left Europe for the Americas. Their dominant methods of disciplining disobedient White children was influenced by the Puritans' religious beliefs which, in turn, were based on the philosophy that a breakdown in family rule indicated a disregard of God's order--actually the White father's law. Since the duty of early child-care was that of the mother, the approach of White mothers' was to cage their affectionate emotions toward a disobedient child--a form of "conditional love"--at least after the child was about two years old. Some were spanked. The point was to break the child's will and to emphasize strict obedience. Besides withholding affection, other methods included a stern tone of voice, associated with a great deal of body language, in gaining the child's attention--an approach similar to that used by many animal trainers in molding animal behavior.

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