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Thinking In Principles

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Joseph A. Bailey, II M.D.
A most impressive statement I hear from Black teenagers, especially those considered “troublemakers” in high school, is: “I don’t believe what they are teaching me but I don’t know what is the Truth.” A first barrier to their truth is that Europeans determine the educational subjects, information, and explanations presented to Black youth. None is from an Afrocentric perspective and therefore not relevant to or not the best for fashioning what struggling Blacks need for living well. Alternatives to this faulty education is have the truth taught in schools run by knowledgeable Black (and a few White) people and/or do what it takes for Black students to learn to think in principles. But what are African Tradition and European principles?

Ancient Africans, according to Amen (Metu Neter I:vii), believed human beings live in a world created and maintained by the unified working of a multiplicity of agencies set up by God—and that the world is composed of a multiplicity of uniform fundamental entities (Truths) unified through a web of interdependence. Any of those entities (called Principles or pieces of Truth) or any relationship existing between those entities are the Elements or original essences from which basic differentiations occur and upon which all things in the Cosmos are built up—divine, spiritual, psychic, astral, physiological, and simply physical. People who think in principles select the most important of these agencies to form their Philosophy of Life (POL); to fashion their world view (how outside things are seen and interpreted); to reason; and to formulate thoughts, feelings, expressions, and behaviors about what they see and assess (their Ideology). Principles of African Tradition give more general and specific information —in smaller packages—and at a faster rate than any other method of thinking.

Amen says three kinds of people handle these differently. One kind is oriented to truths, things, and others outside themselves (e.g. Europeans and some Orientals); a second kind, from within themselves (e.g. the Black race and some Orientals); and the third, from a proper balance between the inside and outside worlds. The third is achieved only by Ancient Black Africans because their ancestors, by means of astromathematics (based on the fact that Creative Law in motion produces mathematical results), devised profound and sound conclusions as to what constituted God’s Truth (Bailey, Common Sense; Bailey, Supreme Thinking of Ancient Africans).

Discovering the truth in the “complex” material world requires a clear and free mind to understand the principles concerned in how “roots” flow naturally from the “seed” (i.e. an ultimate beginning); and also that all parts within the complex are properly located on varied planes of existence. For example, whatever is life-shaping or life-changing has components on the Spiritual, the Subjective, and the Objective realms because these are all part of the truth. The truth flows naturally from its creator while principles flow from Truth. Whereas the Truth is like a “seed,” a principle is the essential constituent of what the seed produces— like the sap running through all aspects of a tree. In this way, a principle on one plane of existence is transferable as a like-kind truth on all other planes. The only activity of a Principle is its activity of creative thought and therefore ones mind needs to be disciplined in order to process thoughts constructively. But since life is ever evolving, the arrangements and combinations of principles change in order to properly deal with the issue at hand. The more a principle is generalized the more it can be specialized.  The more any law of Nature in its universal action is understood, the more definitely one can use it for personal purposes. Thinking in principles is the most effective (that which fashions the desired results) and efficient (done quickly and decisively) of all mental activities.

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