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Philosophy Of Obama's Success

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Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.
The USA consists of a multicultural society of “We” oriented people but dominated by the “I” (Individualistic) Europeans. The “I” society’s system of values pertains to the material (e.g. money, power, control) obtained by means of the GUN. “We” societies lean more toward things of worth (e.g.  peace, harmony, good relations with people) and, in the case of conflict, an orientation to negotiate. Obama was reared in both “I” and “We” societies, graduated from Harvard Law School, and yet acquired an Ancient African “We” type character (“how?” is what fascinates me) and Critical Thinking processes. That these dominate over his “I” society features is shown by Obama trading a six figure salary on Wall Street to do the extremely difficult work of trying to help struggling Chicago Black people—and for barely enough money to support himself. In my experience, average people of any race are “jack of all trades, masters of none” with respect to their daily lives and occupations.  Successful people do one thing very well.  But very special people, like Obama, do two or more things extremely well. For him to hold no grudges, Obama opened up opportunities for opponents to work together to get things done. This necessitated a high level of character and being self-controlled and selfdisciplined in each “spoke” on the bicycle wheel representing the big picture of all aspects of his life. Having his own Selfhood in order enabled him to thoughtfully face things in the outside world; put them in order; and handle them.

Ancient Africans believed each of God’s creatures and creations is essential for the integrity of the Cosmos—the concept of Wholism. Obama shows this by finding a place for all similarities and differences.  Naturally, this can not be done by fighting—a concept quite foreign to “I” society people.  If you listened to the presidential campaign, there was shock when Obama spoke of sitting down at the table to discuss things of mutual concern with enemies of the USA.  You also heard the opposition constantly talk in terms of “fight,” “war,” and “victory” and alternate that with reasons for being fearful.  “I” society people think in terms of greed, fear, and fight which have destroyed the safety and security of the USA, have generated enemies around the world, and have exhausted natural resources. Hence, “everybody” welcomes the opportunity for Obama to apply African Traditions that are in the best interest of the world. One of Obama’s approaches is to go to war only when absolutely essential for the safety of Americans. But he keeps that in context with the vast array of other problems facing the USA—an idea which resonates with reasonable people.

Still the public puts all omissions and commissions under a magnifying glass.  Since White people are so fearful of so many things, an angry Black man would not have a chance to get out of the starting gate. But Obama passed the proper temperament test to be president. Since most White Americans are oriented to fighting, they want to see that Obama has a fighting spirit. He is careful in countering outrageous charges made by opponents and stays within the bounds of what is obvious to the public. Later, he embraces his opponents; spells out how he will help them; and show them respect, even when they heckled him. He remains on course when others were hopping on and off course; is observant of any possible dangers to an individual in the crowd; and is up to the minute on the most important problems the people are experiencing. Regarding local economy and world affairs he sees the big picture of both on multiple planes and how they are related. He gathers the brightest minds, including opponents, to help work plans for handling the most pressing issues on a “pay as you go basis.” Though not absolutely committed to any one issue and is open to change, the final decision and responsibility for outcomes are his own.

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