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Critically Think Your Beliefs

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Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.
“Why bother to critically think my beliefs?” The answer is that even a small flaw inside just one life-shaping belief keeps you from being where you think you ought to be. It causes you to spiral away from your purpose in life into a delusional world. But to understand how your belief system is put together enables you to systematically troubleshoot the flaw(s) and correct it. “Belief” in Western etymology refers to ‘desire’ (Sanskrit); ‘delights’ (Latin); and ‘dear’ or ‘love” (Anglo-Saxon). Originally, they carried the sense of “what we like we think is so” and “what we believe in we love.”

Beliefs are formed by mental assessments and maneuvers of an idea or concept obtained from observation, reasoning, socialization, societal common sense, or faith that become the mind’s foundational bed. The result of what is filtered represents a state of voluntary accepted thoughts.

By being a state puts beliefs into the Disposition category—meaning they have no need to be
constantly manifested. Though one has many beliefs of which one is unaware or which are on the “back-burner” of ones mind, they stay ready to manifest themselves when their situations arise. Beliefs stand for things accepted beyond all that which is philosophical, scientific, or historical.

A belief is at least partially based upon faith because ones Will moves ones mind to affirm what Reason cannot or will not establish by its own power. A “willingness to believe” is what distinquishes both religious and non-religious faith beliefs from knowledge and from right opinion.

God-made beliefs are Truth and facts about reality that one “knows” without question.

Man-made beliefs are about what one considers desirable (i.e. “for me”) or ‘good.’ Yet, most
apparent “knowings” are self-deceptive delusions.

Whether God-made or man-made, no aspect of human mentality has a wider range than beliefs.

Beliefs form the framework within which ones perceptions occur and the basic structure of ones conception of the world. Both influence cognition. Critically thinking your beliefs helps determine if you are or are not on track to your purpose in life. If not, corrections are needed since faulty Critical Thinking necessarily means your choices, decisions, and solutions will be faulty. If your Critical Thinking is on track then you are operating out of your Real Self which, in turn, is in direct contact with the higher powers orchestrating the universe.

Whereas a System of Values consists of things of Worth (what money can not buy) and things of Value (what money can buy), a Philosophy of Life (POL) is the prioritization of ones top items of Worth and of Value.

A World View (or Weltanschauung) is composed of pertinent workable arrangements and combinations of those top items of Worth and Value in relation to how situations, problems, and solutions are presented and viewed in ones inner world and in the outside world. Such viewing depends upon where one stands on the Cosmic Metaphorical Ladder (extending from the earth to the heavens); whether one has harmonious or disharmonious thoughts; and whether ones feeling tone is pleasant or unpleasant. How one uses these to think, feel, say, and do related to social affairs in the outer world constitute ones Ideology.

Good beliefs come from the right System of Values, POL, and World View being the result of and causing the “right” morality and religion/spirituality. Problematic beliefs result from standing low on the Cosmic ladder (i.e. with a material world orientation); from disharmonious thoughts; and from unpleasant feeling tones. Of course it takes a great deal of time and effort to make such determinations but the destiny of your life depends upon it. For me, following African
Tradition is right because it has proven itself as Truth over thousands of years; because it is accepted by all Sages of the world and throughout the ages; and because it “feels right” to me.

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