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Obama's Path To Success

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Joseph A. Bailey, II MD
Each successful Black person in the USA world marketplace deserves a trophy because each has had to deal with daily career aspects, daily living aspects, and daily racism.

Racism coping includes being harshly judged about every little thing (including that which the
critics know nothing about); walking a tightrope between what opposing White people think the Black person should do and what Blacks have to do; and getting around the obstacles that racists deliberately throw.

Although individuals think uniquely, they can be classified based upon the brain’s thinking
“centers” (e.g. rational, emotional, self preservation). Ancient Africans used both sides of there brain as a team to do critical, rational, poetic, creative, and visionary thinking.

Perhaps only a fraction of 1% of people can do this—and Obama is one of those. Most important in Critical Thinking is the approach for and the methods used in decision making and problem solving—as opposed to merely possessing specific knowledge. By recognizing
his limitations, as all Critical Thinkers do, Obama consults top experts (on opposing sides) and, by appealing to their humanitarian spirit, is able to get their cooperation in giving pertinent information. The best of that information is prioritized, synthesized, and ordered into Plans A, B, and C before he makes a final decision and presents it to the nation. Obama’s African rhythm; style of and substance in speaking (heavily influenced by the Black Preacher); thanking of everybody (including the janitor); self-confidence; and, to the delight of the crowd, talking about sweet potato pie are effective in maintaining a connection with the people.

His creativity introduced an entirely new way of running a campaign, including inspiring millions of people over the internet to volunteer to help his paid employees (whom he gave a year of free health insurance after the election was over); and overcoming the large numbers of racists who refused to vote for a Black man by stimulating millions of nonracists to come out to vote for the first time.

This calls for the hierarchy of people under his direction to know their roles and do it on a moment’s notice. His effectiveness was shown in having orchestrated an extremely disciplined “No drama, Obama” campaign— mainly because Obama maintains control of his people and is “cool” while stressing togetherness, hope, and calmness under pressure.

He remains alert to and prepared for immediate handling of every problem (e.g. the excuses people use for not voting)—taking advantage of opportunities and immediately heading off disadvantages. By having honorable and creative ways of making unlimited amounts of money by online donations, Obama was able to be impactful in his closing argument to the nation.

In it he summarized his basic plan for dealing with an out of control economy by means of the written and the spoken word while showing a connection to all segments of the USA population—White, Black, and Hispanic—in a manner that saw the best within them, as opposed to their faults and differences.

Such unification is what makes Obama a transformational figure. He has continued to emphasize that he is not perfect but will do his best. By stressing every one carry his/her load
helps people feel they are team players. What is extremely important for Black parents to note is that his mother would awaken him at 4:00 am to go over his home work—a practice which drove home the absolute necessity for doing mental work. Besides establishing a special and certain time to be with his mother every day, it helped Obama develop a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable appetite for reading. In turn, he has spent time with his daughters in daily readings as, for example, in going through all of the Harry Potter books with his oldest one. He ensures his family is well-cared for in all respects.

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