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Afrocentric Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking is an “Umbrella” term for a group of skilled mental faculty activities which discern the hidden; attend to detail, order, accuracy, and precision in thinking; and locate, explore, establish, and maintain the truth. At foggy mental cross-roads these skills fashion choices, decisions, or solutions. By partnering with and orchestrating Rational, Common Sense, and Creative Thinking so as to assess and extract meaningful lessons of the past, Critical Thinking designs how those lessons apply in the present in order to predict and prepare for the future. Its objective is to produce what all people desire -- Safety, Security, Sureness, Stability, and Strength (Bailey, Afrocentric Critical Thinking). Whereas these comments pertain to what goes on inside ones inner world, the completion of Critical Thinking is to convey its conclusions to others in the outside world and in a language they can understand.

Although as a physician I know the “arm” to be the entire upper limb and the anatomical “arm” to
extend from the shoulder to the elbow, I would speak to patients by asking: “what part of your
‘arm’ hurts?” (meaning your entire upper limb).

Similarly, to help you get oriented to Critical and Rational Thinking I will over-simplify.

Recall that a skyscraper building is built on an underground foundation and that foundation rests
on a sound base (since if it was situated on quicks and it would immediately topple over).

Critical thinking focuses on the underground foundation and its base. Now recall that an Apple Tree originates from a seed and the seed gives rise to roots, a trunk, branches, leaves, and apples. Critical Thinking focuses on the seed and roots while its partner, Rational thinking, puts the tree (or skyscraper) together in proper order (as determined by Critical Thinking) in a step-by-step manner so that it best solves the problems spotlighted and fashioned by Critical Thinking. When faced with informational or material parts of the tree (or skyscraper), Critical Thinking starts assessing and building with the seed (or base of the skyscraper) because without either there can be no masterpiece. Critical Thinking ensures the seed (and foundational base) are discovered, developed, sound, in the proper place, and in proper order.

Then, using the same mental processes, the rest of the structure can be built. The success is in the details! Once this concept is understood, you will realize that this is the most efficient and effective way to put together any thinking structure.

But your basic job is to determine how successful you will be in life. That depends on how well you decide to think in making choices, decisions, and solutions in every aspect of your immediate, short-term, and long-term goals. This is far, far more important than obstacles faced (e.g. racism). And yes, cultivating Critical and Rational Thinking skills is very hard work—no different than potential world-class athletes do in generating a mile of work and “sweat” to make an inch of progress. There is no substitute for an intense curiosity; a thirst to learn something every day; and an eagerness to work. Every little thing you do in daily living ought to be followed by the deep thinking that answers the “Why?” leading you to the “bottom line”—the seed—the foundation and its base—the truth. Only by doing the “grunt” work will you acquire the skills of foresight and forethought in order to determine what is important.

It is essential to stay focused on one point— no matter how boring or difficult-- and Stop
Multi-tasking! You must avoid believing wrong information and instead search for, find, and
manipulate principles. Nothing sharpens Critical Thinking better, faster, and more pleasantly than researching the stories of words. ‘Locker room’ work figures out the best approach and  method patterns. In short, learn to think your way into a masterpiece life by reading, tough problem solving,mathematics, and role models.

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