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Obama—An Ancient African Example

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Black American students, an in-depth study of Barack Obama--about who he is, what he does,
and how he does it--will give you Critical Thinking insights into the “9 Ps” of Ancient African Tradition. First, in Preparing to prepare for success your ancestors said that everyone is born ignorant and confused and that before you can do anything great in the outside world you
must get your inner world in order by undergoing the triad of a mystical death, regeneration, and
rebirth. As a boy Obama was so confused about who he was (e.g. whether Black or White) that, as an escape, he got into drugs and drifted.

However, he regrouped in college by becoming a recluse (no partying or dating). Second, Ancient Africans said each of us is born with a Purpose in Life that one cultivates or that one later rediscovers by means of the triad. Ones purpose is always about Ma’at—discovering what Love is and then spreading it. While a recluse in college, Obama fanned into a flame the spark of his faint Purpose.

Third is recognizing all different Planes of Existence—i.e. the Spiritual, the Subjective, and the Objective realms—and understanding their importance. To these ends Obama studied masterpiece  world philosophies, sermons, and practices to develop his Right Brain (e.g. for assessing the situation) and Left Brain (e.g. analyzing information, for putting essentials in order, and prioritizing them) so that both the Left and Right Brain could figure out harmonious decisions and solutions.

Reading taught him to think critically, rationally, and in principles (i.e. looking for the “seed” from which things arise)--each of which are required for the wearing of different “hats” now and in the future. He knew there would be no time to go back and learn fundamentals.

Fourth is Planning for ones Purpose, starting with people relationships. Obama’s cross-cultural
understanding--from being reared by White relatives; living in different parts of the world; and
visiting relatives in Africa--helped him to rise above racism; to see the Ancient African concept
of Wholism (all God’s creatures are related and deserve to be respected for their dignity); and to
determine the top needs of the most needy people.

Fifth, Preparation for ones Purpose inside Wholism is automatically a “Win-Win” approach to life (i.e. helping others while improving oneself mentally, spiritually, physically, educationally,
and financially). By paying great attention to the details of his Purpose; by figuring out how to get around obstacles; and generating progress without money, he stepped into the minds of the poor so as to get the best out of them. Sixth is Practice to help fashion a better world. In proceeding to make poor people healthy and self-sufficient he did the extremely difficult task of getting “in the trenches” to organize them. From knowing that greed and fear rule Wall Street and poverty and hardships rule the lives of the poor, he practiced negotiations with Wall Street peers and opponents to bring people together under the African Tradition banner of: “we are all connected and need each other to go make good progress.”

Seventh, Performance is displaying ones talents. But to keep from being undermined, Obama
learned to play hardball on the job. Despite this being foreign to his “togetherness” orientation to
life, he learned to do it civilly when “bad stuff” suddenly popped up. To assist performance, he
used the internet creatively to acquire little things and to stay in communication with all the people.

Eighth is Platform work—the “stretching” to reach ones potential to achieve ones Purpose on
the proper and biggest stage available. Obama’s stage is as that of a world leader whereby he can help the most people by giving them hope and outlining the work to make things better as a unified team.

Ninth, Post-action judgments are reflections designed to avoid past mistakes and to ensure that excellence is routine.

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