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Why Black Youth’s Programs Fail

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Those of us who do what we can help struggling Black Americans recover from the effects of
African American slavery have often been disappointed in not achieving desired results. Of the
many reasons for such failures, each ultimately has its onset in slavery, whether directly or indirectly.
Examples include problems related to parents; poor motivation in the Black youth; and failure
to follow through by all concerned. A common feature is that the minds of the struggling are not
ready to receive constructive information because of delusional mental blocks, fixations on selfdefeating habits, and different priorities. Most naïve helpers believe that if they give proper
instructions at the starting gate, struggling youth will take off and compete well in the game of life.

This usually works for youth motivated to be “Somebody” but rarely for those with heavily
enslaved minds. From mentoring Black Boys in groups and one-on-one I have learned that they
are not ready for the starting gate—or for the stadium —and are not even in the right city where the race is run. Many helpers do not understand that the devastation to the Slaves’ minds is what causes learning blockages in today’s Black youth.

Without that understanding no program can be launched that is likely to have reproducible successes.

Proper preparation for receiving constructive information and improving behaviors require cultivating youth’s critical and rational thinking skills.

As background, Ancient Africans, the supreme thinkers of all ages of mankind, perfected
their Right and Left Brain potential—but with the Right Brain dominating-- so as to deal with
any and all problems on every plane of Cosmic existence. Despite each brain hemisphere possessing highly specialized functions, both work as a “check and balance” on each other and also as a team. For example, the Left Brain processes are enriched and supported by the Right Brain—and vice versa. The Right brain is the vehicle for expansiveness into higher and multiple planes of existence regarding things like Love, spiritually, compassion, peace, harmony, intuition, Wholism, synthesis, nonaggression, and unity.

Specifically, it specializes in thinking in a step-by-step manner—like a calculator; in verbal expression; in time consciousness (e.g. an urge to arrive on time); in seeing things as “all-or-none” (instead of shades in between); in outcomes (e.g. including a strong sense of completion and a desire to do things right); and for rational, and critical thinking.

The ancient Greeks and Romans, both students of Ancient Africans, disregarded their Right
Brains because they considered it “feminine.” Instead, they cultivated only their Left Brains for
analytical, logical, and technological purposes. This characterizes European male minds.
During African American slavery European captors removed the Slaves’ Left Brain abilities--
to avoid mental competition; to prevent aggressive actions such as revolts or escapes; and to
make Slave males weak and dependent. Removal was done by not allowing the Slaves to read,
write, or count; by not giving the Slaves anything that required them to think; and by taking away all hope so that everyday was the same. Since the Left Brain is what disciplines the Right Brain, its loss caused Slaves (male more that females) to have trouble expressing their experiences in verbal form; in making sound choices, decisions, and solutions (because of an inability to notice the parts of the situation); and in self-protection from the evil brainwashing practices of the captors.

Such weaknesses can be seen in today’s struggling Black Boys. What is needed is to start reversing the Slave Survival programming by removing the layered delusions placed around a youth’s Real Self. This requires learning Ancient African Truths (to return to reality and progress); discovering who they are and where they came from; and learning Rational/Critical Thinking within their teaching programs.

website: www.jablifeskills.com

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