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European Manhood

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When Ancient Africans were "granddaddies" in evolution, Europeans were in "the terrible two's" of infancy.  Aryan's Patriarchal (literally "the rule of the fathers") evil practices were in full force at least by 2000 BC--justifying sexism by declaring themselves "little gods" and so innately superior to females that females deserved to be dominated. Wherever Aryans settled, they brought in castes and a pantheon of nature deities. Indra, the patron of the Aryans, was the war god who had martial instincts and a thirst for worldly pleasures.
Joseph A. Bailey, II M.D., F.A.C.S.
As Greek ancestors, Aryans' world view was expanded by the Greeks. Pythagoras (480 -411 BC) crystallized this best by teaching Western manhood that "man is the measure of all things" and not God (as he had been taught in Africa after staying 23 years). Aryan gender and status caste remained among the ancient Greeks and was behind the Medieval knights who practiced hypocrisy as a way of life. Aryan influence was also behind the Italian Machiavelli (1469-1527) elaborating for Western manhood that rulers use force and fraud in order to gain and maintain money and power.

It was behind the 19th century Germans declaring themselves to be morally superior to Semites, "the yellows", and "the blacks". It was behind the 19th and early 20th century Anglo-Saxon racial self-confidence which prided its self on an athleticism of both physique and temperament (courage and force of character). Those they conquered were used to confirm White's masculinity as the great explorer or colonist. Thus, dynamic and aggressive European manhood was framed as the celebration of daring; the quest for extraordinary events (e.g. adventures with unpredictable risks); and the enduring of danger-filled achievements. Europeans therefore declared themselves to be the ultimate in manhood. But since they had not earned it, to avoid shame by falling short and to justify such a manhood status, they would take needless and foolish "life or limb" risks (e.g. auto racing).

Besides defining masculinity as a system of values (e.g. obtaining money, material possessions, status, privilege) related to aggression (e.g. killing or dominating women and peaceful people), other traits from European literature are: not giving up easily; having an outgoing, intellectual self-confident, and superiority presentation; taking an immovable stand and then standing up under pressure while running the show.  Neither could White manhood show as excitable in a minor crisis; not be easily hurt emotionally or cry; not have concern about or interest in appearance; not be talkative; not possess an awareness of the feelings of others; and not desire security. Above all he must always be tough (Psychology by Weiten, p. 415; by Bornstein, p. 331; by Allen, p. 308). To give a superior manhood appearance, their "win/lose" approach--prominently displayed in the legal profession is: "I build up my side while I tear down yours".  Historically, this shows by not allowing Black males to compete against Whites-either at all or not in leadership positions (e.g. the military or in sports, like quarterback or head coach), or preventing Blacks from qualifying. After all, if Whites competed and lost, they would have no basis for their self-declared position of manhood superiority. Without question, the biggest focus of White males is protecting themselves from the lost of White women. This is the reason White males have instituted all sorts of laws, terrorist actions, job blockages, and segregation practices against Black males. The fear and envy White males have for Black males accounts for their on-going attempt, originating in slavery, to destroy Blacks.

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Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

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