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Historical Aryan Manhood

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When Aryan descendents intruded into the African motherland and enslaved the people, a master/slave relationship resulted. The enslaver was in control and the enslaved African was controlled. Still, both were bound to each other and neither was free. The master needed to watch and control the slave while the slave needed to understand what the master intended in order to formulate a reaction.
oseph A. Bailey, II M.D., F.A.C.S.
This reaction ranged from eagerly carrying out orders to refusing to do so. The greater the reluctance of the slave, the more the master applied counter-forces--or accepted the refusal--or compromised. A compromise meant each became master and slave to some extent and inside the compromise was a free zone-which, at best, was limited in scope and temporary in duration. Following slavery, White manhood was the standard around which ex-slaves imitated, followed, spun off of, and/or rebelled. Because all four are mind encaging (a scrambled world view) and/or mind enslaving (defined and bound by European values), most were blocked from knowing how to seek and develop their full potential. The mentally free took charge and control over their lives by dismissing the enslaver from their mindset. For those still burdened today, it is necessary to learn to act out of one's real self and also "know" the enslaver-who he is, what he does, and how he appears-so as to create a workable defense and an offense.

"Who he is" embraces one's Character (i.e. one's life standard and cherished values). Originally, the European character was fashioned to conform to a harsh Ice Age environment. Because ice covered the earth and prevented the yielding of food or "earth" treasures, bands of Europeans were forced to daily fight each other over what little was available. The winners of each "scarcity" battle had the best weapon technology for killing the most people, the fastest. Thus, the "what he does" became that of a warrior who enjoys killing people for greedy self-interest as a way of life. Following the Ice Age, the European warring "second nature" continued. So for most Europeans up to the present, "how he appears" has been as a tyrant "little god".
An important subgroup-the Ancient Aryans-were warring semi-nomads who lived in the grasslands of Eastern Europe--north of the Black and Caspian Seas and in the region of south Russia and Turkestan. They were bands of people-not a race--located in the same area; spoke a somewhat common language; had a similar social structure; and practiced a like-kind religion. Perhaps around 2000 BC, these horse riding Aryans (part of a larger group now known as Indo-Europeans) started migrating "everywhere"--conquering the peaceful people along the way--and settling in Iran, Mesopotamia, Persia, Asia Minor, Greece, Rome, Germany, Britain, and India.

They set up caste systems consisting of priest, warriors, kings, traders, farmers, laborers, artisans, and servants (who were forbidden to mix with the higher castes). Intertribal warfare was an everyday occurrence. However, fighting would stop temporarily in order to form alliances with their enemies whenever there were threats from non-Aryan peoples. Their superiority in tools for war gave them a "sinful pride" consciousness of themselves-not only in being able to conquer or subdue peaceful people but in claiming false beliefs of superiority in every other aspect of life (i.e. a superiority complex). By being savages, Aryans destroyed established high civilizations-writing, craftsmanship, architecture, art, and various achievements of Black people.  

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Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

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