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Think Before Getting That Tattoo

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Dear Dr. Levister: Many of my college friends have tattoos. My boyfriend says it’s sexy. What should I know about getting ‘tatted’? Q.E.

Dear Q.E.: A tattoo is the most permanent accessory you can buy. While there are ways to remove a tattoo if you want to get rid of it, these procedures are extremely painful, costly, and time consuming.

Getting a tattoo to appease your boyfriend, someone else or because of an impulsive romantic whim is risky business. You should never agree to get a tattoo just because someone says it’s sexy or that it would be fun and exciting to go out and get tattoos together.

A well known reason students are getting "tatted up" is because the people they look up to are doing it. Rappers, sports figures and entertainers like Kobe Bryant, Lil Wayne, The Game, Allen Iverson, Rihanna and many others all have tattoos both visible and hidden.

Thirty four percent of Americans with tattoos said having a tattoo has made them feel sexier. Interestingly, more tattooed females (42%) feel this way than males (25%), according to Picasso Exports.

http://www.picassoexports.com /tattoo-facts.html

Do tattoos make a person seem tougher? According to Picasso's, those with tattoos said that having a tattoo has made them feel more rebellious (29%), while others said a tattoo makes them feel more attractive (26%).

Before you get a tattoo, you should really do some careful introspection about your reasons for getting it. You should think about how you will feel about the type of tattoo you are getting ten, twenty, thirty, or more years from now.

Also, the placement of your tat too is a crit ical decision.

Depending on your profession, you may want to get it in a discrete area, such as on your lower back or your torso. Women have even more to take into consideration. Pregnancy can drast ically change the skin on a woman's stomach, so what may have started out as a cute flower tattoo in your mid-twenties could wind up looking like an indistinguishable blob after nine months of pregnancy. Stretch marks are somewhat permanent, and they are disastrous to the appearance of a tat too, so women in particular should keep that in mind before tattooing their hips, breasts, or stomachs.

Men who are considering tattooing a muscular bicep should also be realistic about the fact that the bulging muscles of today may not be as bulging a decade from now, so the tattoo could wind up looking very droopy and unattractive.

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