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Give Your Valentine A Healthy Heart

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Dr. Ernest Levister, Jr.
Around the country thousands showed their love and support for heart-health on Valentine’s Day by wearing red.

At a luncheon held at the Hilton Hotel in San Bernardino lovebirds walked away with information on how to lead a healthy life. Sponsors supplied heart healthy food and local health providers discussed ways attendees can take back their daily lives, eat better, rest more, reduce the stress, exercise and by all means get comfortable with their doctor or health provider and have a dialogue.

February is heart health month and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease causes nearly 30% of deaths in the US each year, more than any other condition. Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in women in the United States.

Cardiovascular disease takes many forms, such as angina (pain due to lack of oxygen), arrhythmia (irregular heat beat), congenital defects, arteriosclerosis or coronary artery disease (hardening of the arteries).

You may be at risk for heart disease depending on your age, family history or ethnicity.

Older adults (men over 45 and women over 55) adults with a history of heart disease, and

African Americans, Mexicans Americans, American Indians and other Native Americans

have a higher risk for heart disease than other groups Smoking, obesity, inactivity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure: Have any of those?

Now’s your chance to reduce your risk or help others focus on the country’s leading killer.

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