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Eyes & Ears Of Moreno Valley

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As I grow in wisdom, I look back on the teachings my granny raised me with. I learned to live the life I speak about in front of you and when not in your presence. Because my granny always said “God” sees and hears everything you say or do. A few days ago while reading during my devotional time I read this by Brenda Gittens: “FAITH LIKE MAMA’S,” It made me think of my granny and how she raised me. She started out like this: As I reflect on my life, memories come of growing up in a family that imparted behavior and values that helped me greatly as I grew into a young woman. But I do admit I also messed up, yes the church girl! I was raised up around scriptures, song, prayer, ministry, and corporate gatherings of God’s people. At home my mother’s “life-light” Jesus Christ, shined brightly. In spite of her tears, disappointments, hurt and pain, the “life–light continued to shine through. I would wonder, “How does she do this?” Her faith was so profound and strong. One example was when she prayed, trusted, believed, and waited on God for thirty years for my father’s salvation. I actually saw this process happen. I did not know her faith was being passed down to me and I was being prepared for my faith as a young woman. One of my prayers was that God would save my daddy before I got married, and He did. It wasn’t my Mama but it was my granny, “HALLELUJAH.” Read (2 Timothy 1:5 NLT). HELLO MORENO VALLEY

“Where Dreams Soar”

The City of Moreno Valley will be celebrating Memorial Day 2012 on May 30, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at the Veteran’s Memorial (Moreno Valley Civic Center, Frederick Street and Alessandro Blvd.) A reception will be held outdoors. For more information contact (951) 413-3006 or cindym@moval.org. PARENTS: The Moreno Valley Police Department has been enforcing Day and Night Curfew/Trespassing. Here are the results of a two-day enforcement program: 37 citations were issued for daytime curfew violations; 24 citations for trespassing within the fenced and posted “no trespassing” area of Poorman’s Reservoir; 2 citations for possession of drug paraphernalia and 4 citations for possession of a lighter by a minor. Parents it is very important that you speak with your children about how important it is to be in school and stay out of places because some areas are very dangerous in Moreno Valley. For more information contact Sergeant Larry Gyll, Moreno Valley Police Department at (951) 486-6700 or mvpdcamera@riversidesheriff.org.

The Moreno Valley Black Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank each and everyone for the great success of their Annual Business Conference and Madame C. J. Walker Luncheon and Golf Tournament. President and CEO Linda D. Wright stated, “We can not be successful without you the community.” To those that traveled near and far, we thank you. The staff at Canyon Crest Country Club thanks the community for their help, the Mistress of Ceremonies Madame M.C. Townsend, President/CEO of Regional Black Chamber of Commerce SFV & President of the Council of Black Chambers, California Black Chamber of Commerce thanks you. To the Keynote speaker Linda Smith founder of “Four- D College thank you for your powerful encouragement to us. Thanks to our Mayor, Richard A. Stewart of Moreno Valley for his kind words. Thanks to Judge Jacqueline Jackson, Riverside County for installing the new officers.

We are speeding into the month of June and it is gardening time. I was reading about gardening, and the topic was “WHAT YOU LOVE THIS MONTH.” Since I grew up on a farm most of my life by June we were harvesting some of our plantings. Even though the weather has been a little different, I still manage to eat fresh food from my garden. I love being in my yard watering and watching the things I have planted, grow. It is nothing like washing a tomato and tasting the sweetness of it. Let us ask God to help us this year to have a great garden to share with our friends and neighbors. Remember you are your brother’s keeper, remember to pray for one another and do not forget to VOTE. For those that have a mother or someone that you look to as a MOTHER pray and call her often. BE BLESSED J.B.

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