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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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As I was reading my devotional a few days ago, I read this by Brenda Gittens: “The Simplicity of Worship” Anything we truly love, we will surely invest our time, energy, and attention right into it. Let’s be real. There are many different things that we do love, adore, enjoy, and take pleasure in. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying things of and in life and the blessings (natural, physical, material, and spiritual) of and from God -- but when we are giving them more time, energy, and attention than we are giving God, we end up idolizing those things. And it’s not even a difficult or complicated thing for us to do. It’s very easy! Many times we are doing this and no one had to force us to do it. We do it because we want to. The question in this devotion is not whether we are going to worship or not, but rather who are what will it be. Worshiping God is plainly and simply expressing with your heart, mind, spirit, soul, and life that you love, adore, honor, and take pleasure in Him. For me, I desire to worship God because He is my savor, I love the lord with all my heart. He has never failed me. HALLELUJAH.


Moreno Valley: The City will hold auditions for the 2012 Moreno Valley Idol in a quest to find aspiring solo singers in and around Moreno Valley. The city’s Parks & Community Services Department has scheduled auditions for participants to be showcased at the 4th of July Family Fun Fest celebration. Registration fee is $5.00. Contestants are not required to be Moreno Valley residents. Ages 7–15 years, 16–25 years, 26–40 years, 41 and older for more details contact (951) 413–3280 or visit the website at HYPERLINK "http://www.moval.org"www.moval.org hurry. Remember the up and coming events for the Moreno Valley Black Chamber of Commerce starting May 17, 2012, for all information contact (951) 443–0226 or HYPERLINK "mailto:mvblkchamber@gmail.com" mvblkchamber@gmail.com.

Last week I had the pleasure to attend the AOK Orange Extravaganza at the Hilton Ontario Airport sponsored by Cathedral of Praise International Ministries under the leadership of the visionary Bishop Craig W. Johnson. The AOK Ministry is the children and teenagers doing ACTS OF KINDNESS. Bishop Johnson challenged them to do 1700 Acts Of Kindness and to God be the glory. The children and teenagers took Bishop up on his challenge, worked very hard, and were given awards for Top Seller and the crowing of the king and Queen. Each one of the young people are wonderful and all know the Lord and want to know more. One award given was in honor of Cathedral Of Praise International Ministries deacon, Deacon Michael Ryan. Our Distinguished Mike Ryan Ultimate Acts of Kindness Award named in honor for his personal convictions, humanitarian efforts, and considerable accomplishments. Deacon Ryan can be no other way that is who he is. And I know with his calling he will be sent on many other missions with the Lord to guide him and his lovely wife of 21-years Dr. Mary Ryan.

Let us not forget to pray for each other. We have lots of work to do. Maggie Shunk stated that “Dwelling High,” as I read this I had to really think what in the world was she talking about. I will share with you what she shared with me as I read on. The Resurrection. So that’s awesome, but what does that exactly mean for me today? I mean, how does it apply to my life on a day to day basis? I’ve always loved the “idea” of the resurrection: After Christ died on the cross and was buried. He was brought back to life and ascended into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of the father. But how on earth does this apply to me, right here, right now in the flesh—going deeper than just having head knowledge of it? After all, this is something the Heavenly Father wants for us, to figure out what the resurrection personally means to us. And it even almost sometimes sounds magical too, but it is in fact so much more than that . It carries such real-life. Ramifications for us today. How? Well, that’s probably the most important Question you could ask and I hope seeking the answer changes and blows up your life- for the good that is. For me, the resurrection is the equivalent of feeling, breathing, experiencing, and dwelling in LIFE—life for your spirit which carries over to your soul, body, mind, and emotions here on earth as we connect to the Heavenly Father. I find sometimes if we just listen to what the Father is saying we will understand. I pray for a wonderful week for us all



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