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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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“Availability the quality of being available:” Jesus inv ites you and me to bask in the sunshine of His love as our friendship with Him grows. He makes Himself fully available to us. In fact, His availability took Him all the way to Calvary’s cross, there to die for us! He died even for the times we selfishly keep our abilities to ourselves. When we begin to see the contours of Jesus amazing and personal love, we can’t help but begin sharing the love it kindles in us. We begin to see the unique abilities God has given as channels through which our Savior wants to pour His love into the lives of others. We seethe needs all around us - - some of them urgent! We respond especially to these in love and joy . As we serv e others, we honor our Savior. What a blessing!


Moreno Valley: In our city we have a church that is seven years old. As you walk into this place of worship the Holy Spirit meets you. What a loving wonderful place to be even if you have your own place of worship. And if you are looking for a church home Pastor Walter and Lady Rogers and the New Foundation Church, will welcome you with arms of love. Last Friday, July 22, 2011, Bishop Craig W. Johnson, Lady Johnson and the Cathedral Of Praise family celebrated with them. The word was “Let’s Stay Together.” New Foundation Church may you keep on growing for the Lord and giving the people the truth.

Many years ago I would read the Carolina. It had wonderful articles on life that I enjoyed reading. A contributing writer, Ruth Heiner wrote a column called KALEIDOSCOPE. I have always been concerned about marriage. I have spoke many times about marriage, and while going through some of my things, I found this by Ruth and I wanted to share it with you: What God ordained concerning marriage. “Marriage Was Ordained By God:” Marriage should be a sacred relationship where love, unity, and deep commitment for each other grows and develops throughout the years. Marriage should help us set our priorities and decide which things matter the most in life. Relationships with husband, wife, and family are priority.

Many people do not spend enough time nourishing these important relationships and have a tendency to get wrapped up in the worldly day – to – day happenings that sometimes draw away from home and family. It takes constant nourishment to keep love and commitment alive and well. The body needs continual nourishment too. In the “sick” TV society, we see “do your own thing,” be your own selfish person, look out for number one, etc. And marriage and commitment has not only been taken out of the picture, but flagrantly flaunted! It is important to build marriages and homes where love, loyalty, and respect are fostered and where selfishness is turned into selflessness.

Barbara Bush said it well when she stated, “It doesn’t matter what happens in the White House, as what happens in your house.” And her house was like a glass for all to view. By striving to build love in our homes, it can then reflect in our schools, community and the world around us, making it a better place to live. Because we are taught self- preservation as little children, there are those who are never grow out of the “me” stage. Most of us have times in our relationships when differences occur. It is important to deal with these differences as they come alone, or they will build and fester with time. Commitment is a binding force in a good marriage. It is important for our loyalty to remain firm when sometimes we feel it would be easier to give up or desert a relationship when adverse circumstances occur. I will finish this next week thank you the wonderful “READERS.”

This past Saturday July 23,2011, the celebration of life was shared by all of “DR. FREDDIE JAMES WHITE,” at CATHEDRAL OF PRAISE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. In Rialto, Ca. In 1997 Pastor White stepped out on faith and started his on church and named it “New Vision Gospel Ministries,” shortly after starting his own church Pastor White merged with “Community of Faith.” He pastored both churches and they became one church. Pastor White loved to sing and minister the word. Dr. White was the uncle of “BISHOP KENNETH ROBINSON,” Northeast Central Regional Bishop Antioch Full Gospel Baptist Church College Station, Arkansas. Bishop Robinson came yesterday 07/24,2011 and blessed the COPIM family. Church let us remember Lady Sharon White and family.


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