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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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While reading what Bishop Keith Butler wrote it made me think of how important it is to add to our walk with God and I want to share it with you, the readers. “One way to grow in your walk with God is to never allow the things you’ve learned in the word of God to get away from you. When you are introduced to more truth from your Bible, take it and add it to what y ou’re now walking in. What y ou already k now is a foundation on which to build therefore, don’t throw away or forget the old. New truth does not negate the old. It is but another brick to add to the strong foundation of your Spiritual house. To walk in the blessings of God you must have faith. Therefore, it is important that we hold on to our faith and not let it slip away. Hebrews 2:1 (KJV)


Moreno Valley I have a sad report to write about, My friend Marilyn Bean’s son Derwyn Anthony Bean has returned to his heavenly Father. Derwyn was known as “COACH” to the youth in Moreno Valley. He loved working with the youth encouraging them to be all they could be and to learn the game of love and respect for one another. He received his formal education in Los Angeles, and Central State University in Ohio. He was a resident of the Inland Empire for many years. There is so much more I could say about this 48 hour man the most important thing I can say about him even at 47 years old he was a man of God loved his family and daughters Emonne and Shina Bean. Derwyn left a great “Legacy” for them to work with. He loved his church and church family at Mount Moriah Baptist Church. His pastor, Rev. Willie Chambers Jr. were close. They shared many long talks and his pastor was always at his bed side many times day and night. Derwyn will be missed on this side. As a young man in my and my family’s lives he was always a bright sunshine. His celebration of life was held this past Tuesday. Remember the family in prayer.

Moreno Valley these are new and relocating businesses in our City: San Sai Japanese Restaurant is relocating to Day Street with a new name Miru Sushi and Teriyaki, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild Wings, in the Lowe’s shopping center. In the Canyon Springs Plaza: Walkers Body By You Fitness Studio, Stoneridge Towne Center off the 60 Freeway Baja Fresh, Play N Trade and Scoop, at Cactus and Moreno Beach Dr. Moreno Marketplace is Lilly’s Nail, Elsworth Plaza Airy Body Care, PM Fashion, Hair Creation, Gin Tay Hair Salon, Lakeside Terrace.

At Lasselle & Iris is the Café Gossip. Moreno Valley there are so many more things coming and will bring jobs to our city. Let us stay focused and be prepared to handle the jobs that come to our city.

Readers: I read this, even though someone else wrote this, as a young school girl this was my dream. My dad was a strong man but gentle and caring, I dreamed for someone like him. This is how my dream would go as I would dream: I’ve always admired strong, sensitive men.

As a young woman, I daydreamed for hours on end about finding and marrying the ideal man for me. I prayed that God would send him my way. Someone kind, gentle, and caring, yet strong enough to lean on. God answered my prayers when he gave me my husband, Frank. He had a ministry heart and a generous spirit.

Sometimes people would take advantage of him, but even though he was sensitive, he was no pushover. He was sensitive to the concerns of those around him. Jesus cared for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. He fed, healed, freed, and loved the hungry, blind, sick and enslaved. 2 Corinthians 1:3 – 5: Paul describes a process of growth in compassion in sensitivity to the needs of others. So then, knowing this, why would anyone take that risk? Because as God’s redeemed children, we have experienced our savior’s sensitive care in our own lives. We know the completion of His forgiveness, His peace, and the joy He gives. We want others to know these things too. I grew up with seeing my father and my grandfather be very kind, sensitive, and loving yet very strong when need be. My father, grandfather and my husband are no longer with us but yet I remember the caring, love, and sensitive part of these men in my life. That is why I seek the comfort of my Savior’s arms, so I can comfort others when trouble comes to them. But remember every time we choose to care the way Christ cared, to love the way Christ loved, we make it possible for others to hurt us. To God be the glory.


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