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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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Latrice Pace wrote: Tea With My Father. “The most meaningful moments in a daughter’s life is spent with her father. I remember my mother telling me the story of her and my daddy sitting in the dining room late one night around the heater talk ing. I was playing around in his lap for hours and was suddenly at his feet. He then ask ed her what was I doing, I was asleep. Daddy had been working all day, just as he did everyday of my life, when he finally got home I just wanted to be around him. I’m sure my bed was more comfortable than that hardwood floor...” Like Latrice, I was a daddy ’s girl and loved being near when he was home. That was the safest time and happiest time for me to have “TEA WITH MY FATHER.” That’s why it is so important as to how fathers treat the WOMEN in their lives. You are the first man in their lives, so they may know how they are to be treated. Psalms 22:4 (NKJV).


Moreno Valley: A few years ago, I wrote a column on the 48- hour man. A doctor gave Darwin Bean 48-hours to live, but the Lord said “NO”. Darwin lived and served God until last week when he went home to be with the Lord. Darwin was 47-years-old and he loved the Lord and working with young people in the community. I will tell you more about this young man in the coming weeks. Just remember this family in your prayers.

Cathedral Of Praise International Ministries said farewell to one of its faithful members, Jerry Kenneth Johnson, this past Friday at the Rubioux Campus. Jerry was born October 24, 1964 and leaves to cherish his memories his mother and stepfather Caroline Akles and John Salazar, two sisters Diana Haas and Ora Webb, friends and his church family. Jerry left these words, “Where I have gone I am not so small. My soul is as wide as the world is tall. I have gone to answer the call, the call of the one who takes care of us all. Where ever you look, you will find me therein the heart of a rose, the heart of a prayer. On butterflies wing on wings of my own, to you, I’m gone, But I’m never alone I am home. Remember this family in prayer.

To my gardening family and friends: my gardening secrets come from my late granny Juanita Wells whom I learned at an early age the value of gardening and then a few years ago I ordered the Amish Gardening Secrets, by Marcy D. Nicholas. I would like to tell you about my butterfly garden. With Marcy’s help, I remember my “Eye Catching Garden.”

Your butterfly garden is a beautiful place to read and just be alone with the Lord. Creating your own butterfly habitat doesn’t take a lot of work. Choose the spot that is away from the wind and captures the early morning sunlight. This is important because butterflies must raise their body temperature to between 86 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit to be able to fly at all.

Once their little bodies have been warmed by the morning sun, you can get ready to be enchanted. You need to purchase a butterfly house. One thing Marcy’s mother-in- law did was to place a twig near the entrance that was rather “nubby” as she called it. They like to cling to this as they go in to the butterfly house. You also need to place a flat dish of water near the house so the butterflies can get a drink. Be sure the dish doesn’t have much depth to it. Some suggestions for plants that will attract the butterflies are: pink coneflower; butterfly bush, bee balm, flowing tobacco (nicotiana), sweet williams, snapdragons, cosmos, pampas, gooseneck and zebra grasses. They really do like to flutter around the ornamental grasses. Be sure to plant some parsley near the butterfly house, they especially love it. Scientists have proven that butterflies can identify colors. Their favorites are purple, pink, yellow and white so keep this in mind when planning your garden. Special Tip: Sprinkle a few banana peels and orange peels around to attract the butterflies in your butterfly garden won’t develop overnight.

Have patience and enjoy it. I have enjoyed reading Marcy’s book and it has helped me a lot. More next week.


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