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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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Pastor Marquis Boone, Spoke about: “KEEP FIGHTING,” The word family is not mentioned in the Bible as much as the related word “house” or Household.” Family is frequently used throughout the Bible to signify the historical origin. A family might be a tribe or even a nation. In Acts 3: 25 (NKJV) the promise to Abraham is quoted in your seed shall be families of the earth be. This is so significant because Jesus was apart of that seed in the flesh. Which says not only will Israel families from that but also your family. I would say within last decade families have taken a major blow. The assault that has been committed physically, looks like the institution of the family is loosing. However, the great news is that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. The Family is so important today that we have to make up in our mind that we are willing to fight for what family stand for, and what makes up a family. I would like for you to look to the “WORD” as to what “FAMILY really mean.


Moreno Valley: I wrote last week about my friend Shirleyne Bates’ husband and best friend Bishop Russell Samuel Bates, Jr. whom she married forty years ago. Bishop preached and evangel ized for a number of years before he was appointed as the Western “Diocesan,” Bishop over the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona in the Body of Christ Churches, Inc. He was also founder and Pastor of the Temple of Glory Church and the “Bubbling Joy” Ministries.

Bishop was a man of brilliance and diversity and has been involved in the following jobs and services: Department of Corrections, Aircraft Design, coaching for Moreno Valley High School and M.V. 49ers, athletic training, radio broadcasting for KTYM 1460, KMAX 107.1 AND KPRO 1570, homeless ministry, entrepreneur, wri ter, actor and counselor. Bishop Bates you always knew he was in the building because you would hear these words, “BLESS YOUR BONES.” I could go on and on about Bishop Russell Bates. He will surely be missed, but he left so many memories for us all but most of all to his family. Let us keep the family in prayer.

Moreno Valley a thirty-nine year resident Mr. Dennis L. Medlock went home to be with the Lord, June 14, 2011. Service will take place at Acheson & Graham today beginning at 10:00 a.m. There will be more on Sgt. Medlock next week. Remember this family in your prayers.

When I read this I thought of Sgt. Dennis Medlock as he coached my younger sons Darrell and James Barnes. Authority: the right or perogative to decide or govern; an expert person. Those who have served in the military well remember basic training.

Few experiences in life are as difficult and stress filled. Marching, inspections, classes, and exercises fill every day and night.

Recruits have absolutely no say, whatsoever on even simple things like when to get up, when to go to bed, when to use the latrine, when or what to eat, what to wear, what to do and how to do it. Drill instructors and other authorities make every decision for them, constantly “reminding” them of basic rules and regulations, shouting demands for perfection.

Boot camp is designed to mold the heart of a recruit to create dutiful submission to authority. It’s a key goal and recruits must display it at all times. To serve the country well, each service member must take orders and must trust those who carry superior rank.

Lives ultimately depend on it. We all need to know who’s boss, who’s in charge. In our country, elected officials govern and the president serves as the military commander–in-chief. In the corporate world, a business’s owners and various managers. Despite the obvious need for authority, submitting to authority is hard. Our rebellious, sinful hearts want to take control over our own lives.

All of us want to think we know better than the traffic officer or our boss or a dad. The Bible makes it clear that rebellion against the earthly authorities God has established is rebellion against God Himself (Romans 13:1-2 ). In light of this, consider that Jesus submitted to the Father’s will, becoming a true human being, obeying the entire will of God on our behalf. Mr. Dennis Medlock loved our children so much that he was a very good coach in baseball with our children.

Let us not forget the Moreno Val ley Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation (sister to the Chamber) founded November 1, 1986. They will Present Juneteenth Gospel/Jazz and Awards Fest, Sunday June 26, 2011 beginning at 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm located at 22445 Alessandro Blvd. , Ste. 109 - 112 Moreno Valley. This event is FREE to the public. For information contact (951) 443–0226 or email movalblackchamber04@ yahoo.com or visit their website at www.mvbcc.org.


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