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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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While reading some of my readings written by Eva L. Perry, a contributing writer for the “Carolinian” in North Carolina. “Come, Let’s Think” about LOVE. “LOVE”: A friend of mine says that the greatest of all human qualities is love, because it is an expression of the very essence of God. His Is unconditional love that loves us in spite of ourselves. The Bible tells us that God loved us “while we were still sinners” (Romans 5:8). His lov e was ex pressed in sending Christ to the cross the pay the penalty of sin for us. Learning to love is a lifelong process of growth and maturity. Most of us love those that love us Initially, our love is often narrow and self-centered.


Moreno Valley I wish to congratulate all the graduates from K to a college degree, What an honor to hear Mr. Roy Overstreet, the first African American to graduate in 1958 from UC Riverside speaking to the graduating class of 2011.

Also, another UCR pioneer, Ms. Zelma Ballard graduated in 1959. These two pioneers blazed the trail for so many. To you I say “THANKS.” As we live this life let us all be the best role model to help someone else along the way.

How is your garden growing? Will you be able to feed your family out of your garden if you had to? Here is a tip: Let Flowers And Herbs Block Problems.

Flowers and herbs can intercept pests physically. Flying insects often ride the breezes, landing wherever they find a suitable plant to make into a meal. If you can interrupt their flight path with a inedible item, you may be able to limit their access to your crops.

Surround your garden with herbaceous plants such as sunflowers that are tall in summer, when pest problems are at their peak. Use deciduous bushes to screen your garden throughout the growing season; plant evergreen shrubs and trees to block the wind year round. Leafy barriers such as these also serves as shelter for beneficial insects. Next week I will speak about flowers that bring in “Good Bugs.”

Moreno Valley let us live on a higher level as we stay focused on who we are and who’s we are. We can only do this by coming together, loving, recepting, praying, honoring and keeping ourselves in order.

Dr. J thanks each and everyone for their pouring of support to his radio program, Transform Today With Dr. J at 1:00 P.M. on KCAA 1050AM on your radio dial (951) 329–9362.

REMEMBER THE DATE: The Moreno Valley Black Chamber Of Commerce has a special date June 26, 2011 at 4:00 P.M. Do you really know who you are or who you belong to?


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