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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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While reading my daily devotional message, Bishop Keith Butler wrote this: “SOMEBODY IS PRAYING FOR YOU.” We need to giv e credit where credit is due. You may be very blessed. And if you are, know this: It is not that you caused it. You are blessed because God blessed you. That is the opinion you ought to have of yourself. Realize that your blessing did not start and end with you. They started and ended with God. Somebody has been praying for you, And it was their pray ers that brought you through. The way God does things sometimes astonishes me. With God it does not matter how much you learn in school. It does not matter how good you can scheme and maneuver the business deal. Remember somebody who has gone on before you has prayed for y ou to be blessed. Read y our “BIBLE,” prayerful and think.


Moreno Valley It is time for those beautiful vegetable and flower gardens. Here are a few good ideas to have great gardens. I am a lover of gardening. I do not like to use harsh pesticides. I use flowers to control the pest. Enjoy this article: Why Your Vegetabl es Need Fl owers Want your vegetable garden to appear colorful and full even at a glance? Have little room for a separate flower garden? Plant flowers everywhere in your vegetable garden. Why? One reason is that they’re pretty and for many of us, that’s reason enough to plant flowers anywhere! However, there’s a much more important reason to have flowers as well as herbs scattered among the vegetables. Plant flowers and herbs in your garden to create “biodiversity.”

Biodiversity simply means having many different plants and animals in an area. In nature, biodiversity is the normal state of things. In fields and forests, a huge range of plants grow all mixed together. One important benefit for the mixing of plants is that pest have a hard time finding the plant they like to eat.

So, what’s a logical way to camouflage the crops in your vegetable garden and confuse the pesky insects? Mix them up! Another benefit of flowers and herbs that you can choose for your vegetable garden is that they can attract beneficial insects. These are the insects we want in out gardens because they hunt and eat other insects, including many common garden pest. There are beneficial beetles, flies, wasps, and more.

Their pest control power in the garden is amazing. More pluses:

Interplanting can also prevent soil erosion, reduce water loss, and enrich the soil A vegetable garden can be much more than just vegetables.

Include flowers and herbs to enjoy a garden that’s attractive as well as productive. A QUICK TIP: Zinnias love Zucchini, Rhubarb loves Roses. Happy gardening, More next week Weeks ago I asked you to save this date: May 27th 2011. Well that date is here. The Moreno Val ley Black Chamber Of Commerce has asked that you join them for their annual business conference and Madam C.J. Walker Luncheon. Another historical moment for the City of Moreno Valley. The keynote speaker will be Aubry L. Stone, President of the California Black Chamber of Commerce, master of ceremony Dr. Robert Gains, chairman of the California Black Chamber of Commerce and installation ceremony Ron Busby, President of the United States Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. This event will be held at the Holiday Inn Express, 24630 Sunnymead Blvd who sponsored the event.

For more information and a schedule of the events, contact (951) 443-0226, email movalblkchamber04@yahoo.com or www.mvbcc.org.


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