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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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In my daily devotional, Bishop Keith Butler: “The Ministry of Believers,” he stated that every believer has a ministry. When you were born again, you received the ministry of prayer. Your prayer is vital if you are going to get all that God has for you when you hear the word preached. Even the Apostle Paul desired that the people would pray for him so that he could preach what the people needed. Hence, if you don’t pray for your pastor, you won’t get all that you need from his ministry. You want the word of God to have free course so that you can get all that God has for you. There is so much to pray for. That is why a believer should have a prayer life that consists of praying for others. If you are an individual who prays for other people, that ministry is as effective, if not more effective. Remember to read and pray. (2 Thessalonians 3:1 KJV).


Moreno Valley: Do not forget to save the date for The Madam C.J. Walker Lunch with many other events planned by the Moreno Valley Black Chamber. For information contact (951) 443-0226, email movalblkchamber@yahoo.com, the Moreno Valley Section of the National Council of Negro Women, (951) 243–8216, 247–8193 or 247–4053. Let us support each other and as the president said “Yes We Can” if we do it together.

I hope you enjoyed just a small version of the life of Cathay Williams the only known woman who served as a Buffalo Soldier. Here in the Inland Empire we have the Inland Empire Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Association Chapter, under the leadership of President/CEO Trooper Yolanda Williams, (951) 657–7088. This is a great historical association to become a member of. While reading an old Essence article about In The Spirit by Susan Taylor, she spoke about Love What God Made. She said that feelings can lie and as I read it, I remembered that this is true. My feelings have lied to me at different times in my life and it does make you feel miserable. You can really beat yourself up over feelings.

She said that we live in a society that tells us we’re only as good as our latest achievement or income or looks. We live in a culture obsessed with money and power, we can lose touch with our soul’s purpose and confuse performance with worth. These are a few things she said we need to make as a daily mantra: “I respect and love what God made.” Teach it to the children. Our value resides within us, with the presence, not in what we do or how we look. We are made in the image of God, so nothing about us is accidental or deficient. “Create your own expectation:” We are not here to do what others want. You’ll get lost using someone else’s map. Follow your own and know where you are, where you’re headed and how to get there. “Be Real:” We’re human, we make mistakes. Accept that and take a giant leap toward peace. Things don’t have to go our way for us to be happy. We can choose how to respond in every instance. Otherwise we’re at odds with ourselves and others, which causes suffering.

“Resist Negative Talk:” Putting other people down is unkind, and putting yourself down is unhealthy, these two bad habits travel together. Challenge yourself to talk more about what you want than what you don’t want. We all want positive lives, healthy families and a strong community. Being negative will not bring these to fruition. “Don’t Let Your Backbone Slip:” Slouching says we feel afraid and unworthy. Stand up and speak up for yourself and our people.

Remember your middle name – survivor - and walk with dignity. Have faith. Don’t challenge life on its creation: Love how God made you. Keep stepping up, mining your own unique gifts and talents, and you’ll find strength and joy in giving to life what can only come through you. With confidence, take your next step as part of God’s unstoppable force for the greatest good. Let us just try this in our lives.


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