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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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While reading my devotional message by Shaun King, this is what he had to say: DO YOU HAVE MERCY AMNESIA? The more you remember that you need mercy, the easier it is to freely give it out. I can smell a person with mercy amnesia from a mile away. They are judgmental. They spread gossip. They count people out.

Having lost touch with how much God has forgiven them, they basically have to live a lie by pretending like they have it all together.

The problem is more religious most of us get, the more we go to church, the more we listen to Christian radio, the more pastors we follow on twitter the less we remember how broken we’ve been and still are today. Ephesians 2:8 – 9 (ESV). “For by Grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” It is truly the Mercy of God.


Moreno Valley we are a city of home-based businesses and we are a city of shakers and movers. This past week, I had the pleasure of interviewing a long time resident (over 30 yrs.) Mr. William Barr. Mr. Barr has a business, “Preparing For Ones Financial Future.” During my conversation with Mr. Barr, a financial services representative with World Financial Group, he informed me that it is really gratifying when he is able to help individuals or a family position themselves to save or make money. Protect a family against the lost income or prepare for their financial future. He said his company uses a Dream Map Principle, with a six step focus: 1) cash flow, what is left over after expenses (left over money). 2) debt management, (reduction/ elimination). 3) emergency fund, 3 to 6 months of expenses in preparation for unexpected interruptions (lay off, disasters, auto maintenance ect…). 4) Protection, protecting the family from the loss of the bread winner (death, disability). 5) Asset accumulation, adequate retirement and education funding programs. (IRA, 401k, ect.). 6) Estate preservation, a plan to minimize estate taxes and maintain the family legacy. Mr. Barr said that these are the primary areas of focus when helping an individual or family establish a financial foundation for their financial future. He also said that he educates people on how money works to better enable them to make informed financial decisions. Mr. Barr has been married to Lillian Barr for many years and is a father and grandfather. Mr. Barr is also retired from the Air Force and a leader in the community with a lot of wisdom. For more Information you may contact him at William_b@verizon.net.

This past week a resident of more than 30 years Mrs. Lonzetta Pierre was remembered in celebration of her life and her services to the people of this community. When you saw her it was that wonderful smile that you will never forget. To the family I know how you feel , three years ago I sat in your seat. It is not an easy seat, hold on she is closer to you now than she ever was and the prayers of the readers are with you.

Last Saturday a former Inland Empire resident for many years life was celebrated Toni Delores Christmas. Toni was a young lady that loved the Lord. To know Toni was to love her. Her smile (laughter) was out of this world and she was a very caring and classy young woman. But Toni knew who she was and who’s she was. As I spoke with her from her hospital bed she was very uplifting to me. And to the family the jewel that God gave us, that we are grateful for. We thank you family. Our prayers are with you.

My classmate Franklin Willis who now lives in Houston, Texas shared this with me today. That his great grandfather Mr. Charley Willis had he lived today would have been 160 years old. Franklin was interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR). Regarding his great grandfather's accomplishments, that from documents, he participated in the largest cattle drive in American history and has final ly been recognized as the composer of the song “GOOD BY OLD PAINT.” Many country and western entertainers sing this song today. Remember Charley Willis American Historian. Congratulations to the Willis Family.


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