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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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Alan Riley wrote this: “Grace Is Amazing.” We folk have a world of our own that we live in most of the time. We have our own language (with words that most people outside of the church don’t understand), our own diet (fried chicken for the most part), our own songs, and our own singers. Every now and then, something from our world becomes known and popular in the world at large. When it happens, we refer to that singer or that song as a “Crossov er.” A list lik e Andre Crouch, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Marvin Sapp hav e become well–known and popular outside of the church world, songs lik e “Place In This World,” “Butterfly Kisses,” and “Nev er would Have Made It ,” hav e become popular with folks who never or hardly ever go to church. There is a song that is the ultimate “Crossover” hit. It has been sung in ev ery church of ev ery denomination. It has been played or sung at the coronation of kings and at gravesides of paupers. It has been the number one song on the pop charts in both the United States and England. It has been rightly called the most popular song in the world. The song is Amazing Grace. And the story behind the song is as remarkable as the song itself. Written by John Newton. It was a poem and the name of the poem was “Faith’s Review and Expectation.” We know it as “Amazing Grace.” We may not hav e been as wick ed as John Newton and caused great pain and suffering to others, but we know that we are sinners who were (or are in) need of a savior. But we are saved by Grace. Later in his life, Newton was quoted as saying, “I know that I was a great sinner and that Christ is a great Savior.” We all know that in our hearts. God’s Grace is truly amazing. Aren’t you thankful for it?


The Moreno Valley Public Library has been awarded a $2000 grant from Target for acquiring a new set of Literacy Bags, which will be available for checkout with a library card. Each bag will contain a variety of books and activities with which parents can engage their children in establishing reading foundations and developing reading improvement. The grant was written by librarians Sharon Navarro and Jennifer Rapier. The library is extremely appreciative to Target’s demonstrated commitment to providing local grants to meet community needs.

Let me share with you a true story, on September 5, 2010 about 7:00 a.m. while on the way to church at Cot tonwood and Heacock, a driver in a car with a cell phone up to their ear pulled from the apartment buildings on my left within inches of almost hitting me. I slowed down and blew my horn. I have lived in the area well over 35 years and I never drive fast on Heacock because of Sunnymead School and now there are three schools on that street. The person that almost hit me started to chase me. So having no idea as to what was to happen, I drove faster to get away. They saw the police andturned off the street.

The police came from behind a building and stopped me. He was not rude but did not try to help me either. I just prayed and gave him what he asked for. I thought hiding behind billboards and buildings went out with black and white movies and high button shoes. I tried to speak but it was of no use. I said all of this to say where do you as a law abiding citizen go for help when the ones that are to help you do not? I am known and have worked many years in this city for a better and safer place for us all. The word says obey the laws of the land and those that are over you. How do you do this when they misuse you? And it is true you can not tell the story unless you have lived the story. I will never forget September 5, 2010. I prayed all the way to church. I was so upset but only a Savior like I serve helped me through that day. That is why I trust Him only he is a for real friend.


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