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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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Juanita Barnes

Lady Cosonya Stephens, wife of Overseer Danelle Stephens, of Ezra Emmanuel Ministries, Clark sv ille, TN, is a local woman of God raised in this area who is also the mother of three children Kristofer, Khristian, and Carner. She is my daughter in the ministry.

In her newsletter she wrote this: “WATCH YOUR MOUTH.” The tongue is one of the smallest and most exercised member of the body. How often do we say things before thinking of the consequences of our words? In the third chapter of James, the writer of the epistle discusses the untamable tongue. James 3:5–8 states: A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but it can accomplish nearly anything – or destroy it. Though it is small in size, the Bible states “death and life are in its power.” (Proverbs 18:21).


Moreno Valley last week I wrote about my son speaking for the first time but never told you his name. His name is James (Jay) Herbert Barnes 11 and he and his wife Annette Mast Barnes live in Claremont. They have three adult children. Once again, whatever you can do to help The Lord’s Gym for at-risk youth, please contact Pastor Collins at (760) 900-6432.

Moreno Valley you have been invited by Linda D. Wright to the Moreno Valley Black Chamber of Commerce Mixer and Ribbon Cutting on October 25, 2009 beginning at 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The location is at Play N Trade, 11090 Magnolia Ave.

Riverside. Join us as we welcome a new business to the Black Chamber family. Play N Trade is a retail video game store for kids and adults who are kids at heart. Contact Maria Mills Director of Retail Operations (951) 785–7529.

Moreno Valley and the Inland Empire, thanks so much for welcoming the Bishops, Pastors, Ministers and vistors from all over the world at COPIM Southern California Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship State Conference. The message by International Presiding Bishop, Paul S. Morton was “Is there a Caleb in the house?” The Consecration of now Bishop Johnny Ray Withers, Jr. was so Spirit filled to God be the glory. The Host Bishop, Craig W. Johnson was overjoyed at the turn out. What can be said about Jesse Campbell, other than blessed. He can take a Hymn and change the hold congregation. Jesse Campbell is the son of Eld. Willie James Campbell of Chicago, Illinois. If you care to look up your birth verse go to www.birthverse.com A little History; The Forgotten Heroes: African Americans have served proudly in every great American War. In 1866, through an act of congress, legislation was adopted to create six all African American Army units. The units were identified as the 9th and 10th Cavalry and the 38th, 39th, 40th, and 41st infantry regiments. The four infantry regiments were later reorganized to form the 24th and 25th infantry regiments. These fighting men represented the first Black professional soldiers in a peacetime army.

Their nickname, Buffalo Soldiers begin with the Cheyenne Warriors in 1867. The actual Cheyenne translation was Wild Buffalo. This name was given out of respect for the fierce fighting ability of the 10th Cavalry. Over time, Buffalo Soldiers became a generic term for all African-American soldiers. This information came from BIG BOY HEADGEAR.


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