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OnePlus One: A Flagship Killer for Half the Price -- with One Big Catch

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Tech Review
BVN Staff

The highly-anticipated OnePlus One that can make even a novice phoneboy salivate has a lot of things going for it early on. It’s a flagship smartphone; an elegantly-designed piece of technology; and carries a jaw-dropping price tag uncommon for a high-end smartphones of its caliber. Unfortunately, for all these reasons and the invitation-only process, the OnePlus One is arguably one of the most elusive smartphones to debut this year.

For a buyer to get their hands on the OnePlus One they have to be one of the lucky ones to either obtain an exclusive invitation from an existing owner, or receive an invite from OnePlus via one of their frequent online contests.

A lot people have asked why anyone would jump through so many hoops to buy a phone that probably doesn’t have the same name recognition in the U.S. as Apple, HTC, or Samsung. When looking at the $299 starting price for extraordinary specs, the OnePlus One is worth the effort and the wait.

The OnePlus One boasts a beautiful 5.5-inch IPS touchscreen with 16 million colors, up to 64GB of internal storage, 3 MB of RAM, a 13 megapixel rear facing camera, a rare 5 megapixel front facing camera, and Android 4.4 (CynogenMod), amongst other killer specs.

While surely comparable flagship smartphones are more readily available with competitive specs, the $299 price is practically a steal – and it gives the OnePlus One the edge as a contender in the smartphone arena. If a buyer is blessed enough to own the esoteric OnePlus One, he or she will be hard pressed to find any noteworthy downsides to this device.

Of course, anyone who can’t wait for the next OnePlus One online contest – or hasn’t been bestowed an exclusive invitation – there are many OnePlus Ones available on Amazon.com and eBay, albeit well above its average cost through the manufacturer.

When or if the OnePlus One will be open up to the general market is unclear, but it can’t come soon enough.

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0 # roger almeida 2014-07-31 21:18
i think invites have been rolling now.. you can get them for cheap online http://[censored].ebay.com/itm/151370734461

hope it helps..
0 # ShermCraig 2014-07-31 20:31
I'm sending this from my OnePlus One, so there's that....
0 # Larry Omakwu 2014-07-31 12:41
The 16gb version is 299, and it is currently discontinued. The current 64gb version is 349.

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