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Ask and You Shall Receive

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As we develop our startup company, ThemBid.com there are many cases where we need advice on matters that we don't have experience. In addition to asking our circle of mentors and conducting research at the bookstore, library and online we have found that there are several social networking question/answer websites that can quickly provide you quality information. I have listed a few here:

1.            LinkedIn.com  

  • Here you can find high quality answers from various professionals who have an incentive to make a good answer since it appears on their profile and lends to their credibility.

2.            Yahoo Answers

  • You may not get the best quality here, but its voting mechanism is useful in determining the most correct answer.

3.            Digg.com

  • You may ask, but you may not receive. Also, make sure you have thick skin as some of the comments are... well, you'll see.

4.            Reddit.com

  • Same as with Digg.com.

5.            YCombinator.com

  • This is similar to Reddit.com but it appears as though the questions are more directed towards business and programming.

6.            Netscape.com

  • Similar to Digg.com and Reddit.com but seems to be a more general audience.

7.            Google Groups

  • You can generally find very specific communities here that are willing to help.

8.            Answers.com (the wiki)

  • There is a good variety of topics here.

9.            Ask Slashdot

  • Choose the Ask Slashdot section. This is generally geared more towards tech questions.

Please send all feedback, topic suggestions and/or questions to http://www.TechTalk@AboveTheLimit.com..  Digital archives can be found at BlackVoiceNews.com  and IngleWoodToday.com.

Elmer Thomas Jr. is Co-founder of ATL Innovations, Inc., an award winning web and software development company dedicated to bridging the digital divide and ThemBid.com, a service offering free advertising for businesses and makes finding services and products easy for consumers. You can find out more about Mr. Thomas at ATLInnovations.com and ElmerThomas.com

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