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Caution: Microsoft Corp. Could be Hazardous to Your Computer

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By Corey A. Washington

Being at the top of your game doesn't mean you’re not prone to making mistakes.
Even mega-software giant Microsoft Corp. should have learned that a long time ago.

It seems being the reigning monopoly over the globe which distributes a product (Windows) laced with issues all over the place doesn't mean you take a hard look at your mistakes.

That evidence is certain this week, yet again.

On Tuesday, big wigs from Microsoft Corp. sent out a warning to PC users with Windows XP, 98, 2000 or NT about 3 "important" holes in their popular operating system.

Sounds pretty familiar to me.

Lets do a brief (and not so thorough) look at some of the programs with problems Microsoft tends to burden its faithful buyers with consistently:

1. Internet Explorer - Early last year, users were informed that updating Explorer to 6 exploited a vulnerability that could be taken advantage of by hackers.

2. Outlook Express - This frequently used e-mail program has been notoriously known for sending and receiving viruses, costing individual users and companies millions of dollars over the past few years. (I still don't get what makes this appealing.)

3. And last but not least, Windows - A hole here. A hole there. Almost everywhere you look, Windows needs more patches than your grandmother's quilt to prevent someone from maliciously manipulating your operating system.

Last year alone, Microsoft issued more than 50 security bulletins, with several being considered "critical."

The repetitious cautions advised by Microsoft over the years has had a numbing effect on PC users, especially intermediate (and lower) computer users who ignore the warnings.

But a caution is caution.

Today's fragile, post-9/11 society can't allow its safety (online or in the real world) to be jeopardized by our own complacency.

Update your software and download patches as much as possible.

On the flip-side, your dollar spent should be well worth its investment.

In other words: Microsoft, people count on you!

It’s without saying that African-American's suffer from a disparity stemming from a complex problem surrounding money and social stigmas.

Pardon me as I make another quick U-turn.

I have to hand it to Mr. Bill Gates for taking so much initiative in regards to helping the African-American community build resources in the technology sector, as he has done for several years by speaking to minority students and increasing his African-American staff at Microsoft.

But Mr. Gates, I've got an equation for you that Blacks subconsciously (and obviously) comprehend.

No money + apprehensiveness about computers = No Blacks using Microsoft.

And the problems don't stop there. If they're not using Microsoft's products, then they're probably not using PCs.

The masters of monopolizing know that more than 2/3's of the entire planet depend on their products. Is this the reason for such a lackadaisical staff required to put out a product?

What ever happened to some good quality assurance?

Unfortunately, for once, Blacks are not in this problem by themselves - Microsoft doesn't discriminate when it comes to providing a not-so-reliable product.

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