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Love and Dating Computer Style

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By Corey A. Washington

You’ve heard it before: Love doesn’t cost a thing.

The message reverberates with those who have experienced it, but in online dating, finding love equals cash in a booming market.

It makes sense. Why wouldn’t internet marketing lean towards a market that never fails to rake in cash?

If it’s not the high-maintenance girlfriend who’s never satisified with materials looking to hook the next big one, it’s the desperate guy scouring throughout the web in search of someone (or many someones) trying to accumulate as many lovers as possible ... all of which makes the industry hot right now.

But African-American’s have yet to respond as intensely as other races have been, according to statistics.

Nielsen-Netratings survey says more than 10 million African Americans are using the internet - about a third of the population in the U.S. The survey speculates that 75 percent of the African Americans going online are visiting BlackPlanet.com.

BlackPlanet.com is an online community aimed at providing resources and information for Blacks. Their dating service is a popular area many users visit.

Considering the number of African Americans on the web, that’s a fair estimate, but it does not show us taking a chance in a territory we don’t familiarize ourselves with.

There’s that fear again that I have mentioned so often that seems to appear everytime you attempt to turn on a computer.

I can sympathize.

Protecting ourselves is essential in all facets of survival and the risks of online dating are no exception to the rule.

What (or who) you don’t know can hurt you.

But sometimes, risk-taking is a part of growing, and according to statistics published on NUA Internet Survey’s web site, Americans are showing optimism over finding partners on the internet.

About 44 percent of Americans believe that individuals have a better opportunity of finding someone online than at a single’s bar.

And over 30 percent believe that a relationship initiated online could stand the test of time.

Now, those probably aren’t the most impressive statistics, but considering we live in the age of apathy and many people have been burnt by love in the worst ways, it’s significant.

This advice is not for everyone, but it may become useful somewhere down the line when you think all other alternatives have failed you.

For the sake of ruining another cliche, I must say, love has no boundaries.


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