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By Larry E. Jones, Sr.

Interest rates, although still low compared to a few years ago are rising.  The good news is that lenders are creating new and innovative ways to purchase that new home.  With new home prices not declining but stabilizing somewhat for the time being.

The market seems to suit the move-up buyers, more than the first time buyers that has been created through government programs if you qualify.  The market has to find ways to accommodate the first time buyers in order to create balance and affordability to o­ne and all.  Lender have to make a niche for that player to get in the game.  If you can’t get in the game, then you can’t play and let’s face it, this is the biggest game in town.

Buying a home is probably the most important transaction the average person will ever undertake in their lives.  Even with prices as high as they are all parties involved in this business are diligently trying to make buying a home a possibility for everyone.  For example, there is a new product now available which is the 40-yr. loan. And as we speak, lenders are talking about a 50 yr. loan, although it is a year or two down the road, it’s a real possibility.  All this creative financing exist because of the demand for housing in o­ne of the most beautiful states in the union, California.

More people create wealth through real estate than almost any other form of financial activity, especially in California.  Consider the equity you can acquire from the appreciation o­n the ownership of o­nly o­ne piece of property.  That equity if used properly can create over a relatively short period of time, all things being equal, considerable amount of wealth. Keep in mind timing, this is o­ne of it not the most important ingredient in the wealth building process.  Real estate has the versatility that a lot of investments don’t have.

Regardless of where you are financially you should do whatever it takes to acquire a piece of real estate, it has the potential to create financial stability for you and your family.  If you are contemplating if you should buy or sell, if this is the right time to refinance and take some cash out just to do some things you have always wanted to do or do you want to invest.  Please call me before you do anything.  We can make a wise decision together. Making a financial decision of that magnitude requires all the help you can get, it can make you or break you.  I’m here to give you sound advice to go into the future with confidence.

Larry E. Jones Sr. Realty
424 E. Sixth St. Ste 2
Corona, CA 92879
(951) 278-0268

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