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[No] Home for the Holidays

One day every week, people line-up in the parking lot behind our office to pick-up free food. They are living on the fringes of society. Most have very little to survive on and the donated boxes of food provide much needed sustenance to help them through the week. Some live in their cars. Many have no home at all, bouncing from shelter to shelter, dragging their modest possessions with them. Continue reading [No] Home for the Holidays


Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD.People who are “Self-Unknown” design philosophies of life (POL) out of fantasy concepts that go in the direction of an Inferiority Complex and/or a Superiority Complex. These ingredients derive from their circumstances and how they choose to live out of those circumstances. Perhaps for primitive Europeans such concerned “Survival Scarcity.” Then, with a greed intent, their chosen means to overcome this was by Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate/Oppress methods. Since newborn humans start life thinking with Images, maybe Warriors’ immature and mechanical thoughts were imaged. Examples: Armor was for mental and physical defense mechanisms; strategically assessing significant problems was done from an Adaptive mechanical perspective (e.g. if X happens, do Z); troubleshooting utilized a mechanical process to locate problems and for repairs by mechanical patterns. Both warring and dancing were done mechanically. By being solely oriented to the Physical realm (a mechanical tendency) meant it was an easy next step for these Warriors to extend their “structured” way of looking at things into the realms of their environment, their culture, themselves, their victims, their gods, their thriving, and the Supernatural—pursuing/fixing each mechanically. Such a mechanical association of concepts meant primitive Europeans’ mechanical language was applied automatically, even to organic things; for mechanically solving anything; and to have a false sense of “all is well” from that one ‘broken’ thing having been properly handled mechanically.

As today, it was “Fear” that first brought ideas of gods into primitive Europeans’ minds—a fear leading them to “construct” gods out of their own warring appearance and imbue those Images with warrior thoughts, emotions, and deeds. Resultant Contingent Being gods were fantasized to make happen what they desired–Desires to satisfy their brutish animalist lifestyle. Hence, their ‘constructed’ gods symbolized gross immorality standards, filters, guides, and measures which Warriors eagerly imitated–like the deity Thor (‘thunder’)—for whom Thursday was named (Thor’s Day). He was common to all early Germanic peoples—a great warrior represented as a red-bearded, middle-aged White man of enormous strength and an implacable foe to the harmful race of giants. The thunderbolt, representing his hammer, was his featured attribute–in the manner that the GUN is the supreme attribute—the absolute means of all power for today’s European males. Ancient Europeans expressed this Supernatural state in terms of a machine—a mechanization taking reason out of its earthly domain and converting it to “Non-Rational” (Emotions + Left Brain) decisions and solutions. Their Supernatural cult rules put ‘Boundaries on the Boundless,’ including making mechanical the Cosmic Organism. The Greek Euripides(480-406 BC) illustrated this by saying: “The way of God is complex. He [a gender boundary on their God] is hard for us to predict. He moves the pieces and they come somehow into a kind of order”—implying a mechanical universe.

Life-Living by displays of their Brute Brains in an Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism Complex mindset (IHES) forms continue from primitive European times. Hence, any IHES deeds are driven by Obsessions (a persistent uncontrollable impulse to think certain thoughts) and Compulsions (uncontrollable impulse to be a certain way or carry out certain actions irresistibly). Claims for such an obsessive-compulsive nature derive from a “Numinous” mysterious Contingent Being–beyond their control, too big to think about, and too  powerful to resist. Yet, it serves “Killer” police urges to: (1) gratify their own Lower (animalistic) Self Fetters, “Dark Side” Desires; (2) to being wed to the GUN with an eagerness to use it; (3) to soothe their insecurity and self-hate “Raw Nerve”; (4) to be honored by their cult for being arrogant ‘Individualist Conformists’; and (5) to experience the power associated with disregarding others rights, equity, and hallowed customs. One dumbness of the Machine Concept implies that humans do the same thing all the time without change, like fool-proof machines. Seeing themselves as mechanical justifies being “coldly” disconnected from fellow humans; stereotyping “those people” as insignificant Chimera sub-humans to be feared; doing inhumane things to them without any compassion. At every opportunity, killing scapegoats in particular gives them “sick” pleasures and makes them want to do more and more.


Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD.Fundamental to every human’s determination of “How Shall I Live?” is the selection of what is “Significant.” The “Significance” of ones life is clearly known on ones death bed. To imagine oneself there—to decide what is the single most “Significant” Thing—and to adjust ones present life to make that one Thing happen is what I call the “Retrospectoscope.” The Umbrella term “Significant” embraces several variable ideas as to what is absolutely great or terrible. What is great or terrible depends on who is involved; on the intent; and compared to what. A Thing may begin as good or bad and turn out to be the opposite. Such ideas have sprung out of different African and European (among others) contexts. To elaborate, in C14 English, “Significant” was defined as ‘the meaning of something’ (e.g. force, energy); in 1579, ‘full of meaning’; in 1725, Consequence; and in 1761, of Importance. Subsequently, despite a broadening in scope, “Significant” retained the core ideas of being about the qualitative (or “worth”) and the quantitative (or things of “value”). Illustrative African examples of “Significance” diversity are: (I) its origin came from the blessed name given to every Ancient African child at birth–a name in keeping with its implied worth and value meaning—a name symbolizing to the child, relatives, and acquaintances that he/she was outstanding–a name serving as a mark or sign which distinguished the child’s outstanding deeds done in a prior lifetime (i.e. a good karma). (II) African people who distinguished themselves by great achievements were similarly recognized by members in the villages as ‘Significant’. Example: the successful medicine man’s therapeutic abilities had special meaning to the sick because they shed the bad + did curing.

(III) In medicine, Quantitatively Significant occurs whenever there is a measurable degree of change. When one says: “there has been no change in the patient’s condition”–meaning the patient is neither measurably better nor worse in degree—such is an “important” indicator but without it being significant. By contrast, to say: “there is no significant change in the patient’s condition” either confirms or throws doubt on the earlier prognosis because no meaning–like “better” or “worse”– exists in comparing the two. Here, “Significance” implies no qualitative change. (IV) Significant humans have Courage to be their Real Selves who keep their word; cultivate what they honor; immediately “rise to the occasion” to handle Things they would rather not; remain undefeated by continuing to try; and influence each other through useful products and not necessarily by direct personal contact. (V) Ancient African children, as like me, saw significance in engaging in Nonsense—in being Silly without thinking—since it is fun to participate in “stuff” going ‘nowhere’. The same occurs with Dance whereby one executes a pleasurable pattern without going anywhere. Fun does not lead to something else—it ‘just is.’ (VI) Some things have double (or more) Significance, as in how food is cooked and tastes as well as the extent to which nutrition is provided upon eating it.

(VII) Contemplation inside the flow of the Spiritual Elements was, for Ancient Africans, to be in a ‘state of Significance’. This required a self-induced Trance by so concentrating as to blend into the topic’s Truth which, in turn, displays correspondence with like-kind Cosmic things. To observe Things without inner turmoil, without “looking for” something, and without seeking a mental quest, permits recognizing the significance of what was formerly taken for granted or considered insignificant. It helps better planning. The point: simply being inside a new realm and experiencing a connection with whatever is in it (e.g. Compassion) and without an opinion is the way for the Significant to arise in ones mind. I call this MULLING. One progresses from time to timelessness; from space to spacelessness; from multiplicity to unity; from a dynamic mover to an unmoved Mover. At such higher levels of understanding, one has an increased ability to discern more interrelationships between dissimilar and/or similar things which have correspondence. From that alone, one can infer Principles and fashion Base patterns that promote their manipulating and maneuvering–as is vital to making for never ending evolutions of Significant new meanings and/or Forms to design/enhance Visions. This is also the path to Esoteric Thinking—i.e. revealing certain of the mysterious things about God; the things belonging to God; and the things revealed by God to humans.


Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD.“Mystique” (1891, French, mystic), a peculiar Magic family member, defies denotation and relies on any given Crowd’s connotative meaning. Such meanings are based upon variables—e.g. do they like the person or not; where are they positioned on the Metaphorical Ladder extending from the Supernatural to the Spiritual; what is their philosophy of life; and what do they honor? Nonetheless, dictionaries define “Mystique” as an atmosphere of mystery about someone or something. Unanswered are: “what causes that atmosphere? And what is a Mystery?” Whereas total Ignorance is not knowing that one does not know something at hand, a Mystery is incomplete Ignorance in that one is aware of a “that it is” of a “Thing,” but knows not its “what it is,” “what it does,” “how it appears,” “how it is composed,” “how it came about,” or “where it is going.” Its “that it is” insides consist of an Association of Ideas which begin and end in a shroud, as each day lies between two nights. Mystique atmospheres, like Magical Spells, created by associations of things done, cause observers to say: “How did she/he do that and what enabled her/him to overcome the obstacles when nobody else has ever been able to?” As a result, complex transcendental or semi-mystical beliefs and attitudes are directed toward or developed around her/him or institutions or ideas or pursuits or symbols–all enhancing the Image of who or what is generating the “Mystique.”

The story of this special esoteric skill or mysterious faculty begins with Primitive African Shamans’ discovery that in light Trance states they could see geometric Shapes, called Form-Constants. These outward Embodiments of the Eternal, containing Messages of the Creative Will, possess the life potentiality to act in daily living. Its Message consists of the “What” and the “Why” in the form of a Species of Primary Qualities which, as Legend Icon Images, inhere (i.e. innately) in Spiritual Substance. This Species—i.e. a Family of ‘like-kind’ Class realities, differ greatly in appearance among themselves, but are yet very closely related in their Essence (i.e. their “What it is”) nature. As a series of forms having Significance, all reflect a common and unifying underlying element—formed as Paradigms (‘patterns’). As Trance deepens, a Legend Icon Image, being an archetypal (Seed) principle of unified multiplicity, presents in many shapes. The Shaman then selects certain shapes emerging out of Form-Constants; studies their Significance as they change into things governing the Shaman’s particular culture; and extract from the contents and the Shape what is peculiar to enhancing that Shaman’s Vision of seeing invisible essences others are unable to see, as with discerning similarities in the dissimilar as well as uniqueness in similarities. Visions present the Truth, like a landscape to the eye. Very Ancient African Sages discovered the principle underlying all technology to be the twin variables of Shape and Materials. A Thing’s Shape, they said, is a pattern of energy movement frozen in space to which Nature gives a unique specific power. To know a Shape’s pattern provides the key to unlocking the Shape’s secret powers–whether dealing with higher Spiritual realities, psychological or behavioral patterns, energy patterns, or actual structures manifested in the Physical world.

By patterns of Spiritual Energy movement and its Shape’s specific power conforming to African Sages mathematically derived Laws of Nature enabled the maneuvering and manipulation of them into Thought arenas of special interest. As is, these Paradigm Form-Constant Thoughts–or their Prototype off-spring, or modified copies of them–are useful for producing constructive External World work products or solutions. Also, these Thought products are: (1) a real, stable, permanent part of the world; (2) are absolute, universal, and true for all time, regardless of their Form; (3) exist whether perceived by humans or not; and (4) are responsible for what occurs in the material world. Since these Paradigm Form-Thoughts are specialized patterns, blueprints, or plans, intuiting them enables one to get to the core of and spotlight the essence ingredients of an “Esoteric” something. That Knowledge is a Disposition for the “What” and “Why” Message having an orienting Inclination and particular focus which, if manifested, provides Spiritual Element products for the senses. To Physical/Supernatural realm limited thinkers, these varied Primary Quality off-spring products have a “Mystique”–products routinely produced by Black Africans.


Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.To see a police car—painted black and white, with attached flashing lights on its roof—is to form a Mental Picture. To give that Mental Picture an interpretation with a meaning converts it into a Mental Image. An analogy is retaining in memory a footprint and interpreting it as being some realistic, distorted, or fantasy “Thing”. Titan will create a layered and enduringly powerful Icon Image if once shot by a policeman and again experiences a policeman pointing a gun at him. Thereafter, whenever police are watching him, Titan’s Conditioned Response for instant self-protection spurs maneuvers, like him running away. When someone’s actions create a mental image in the Receiver, it is that image the Receiver uses to recall the experience and to provide this new situation with some meaning—whether good or bad. There are infinite varieties of such Prey Reactions—each causing Predators to do a “React by Attack”–similar to a shark seeing blood from a nearby swimmer. Predators have learned to hate “just because” and select a scapegoat to target. This Target becomes an Obsession (a persistent uncontrollable impulse to think certain thoughts) and formulate a plan with a supreme value of what they want to see realized. Their emotions rise to such a peak as to become Compulsive (uncontrollable impulse to be a certain way or carry out certain actions irresistibly and perhaps contrary to ones inclination). Both are reflections of Brute Brain automatic features. Predators assume Supernatural powers favor them carrying out their wish by believing they see/hear conformation from their god. The actual happening is that their vividness of this message has come from them projecting it onto the god as justification to do what is desired. Prior to this “revelation” a strong conflict or resistance may have existed in them for a long time—perhaps even forming some type of friendly acquaintance with the future targeted scapegoat. An inner battle is won when a “revelation” enables the overpowering of their realistic reluctance to do harm to the scapegoat.

At that point, in the mirror of ones mind, ones imagination reveals itself in the unbalance of contrary opposites—as in “Me vs. Them”. With a ‘hyped’ state of Emotions, the Icon Images Predators form are of a Chimera nature—something absurdly fantastic, wildly imaginary, vague–and what normal people would call foolish and grotesque. Predators’ minds crave them–and the more the better, especially if the entire situation is contradictory (e.g. desiring to kill those who help them) –for the mind has learned how to deal with contradictions. A generic Image example is a beast with goat body shape + a lion’s head + a snake’s hindquarters. Despite its Supernatural fearsome, strong, immortal, and swift nature, the ‘monster’ is not proof of anything. In forming such ‘monster’ Images, initially the ingredients are like mixing cement. While still all is wet, the image can be moved around and shaped, rearranged and layered with collage fantasy items. But at some point, it hardens and then there is almost nothing one can do to reshape it. “Excitement” is in the make-believe—the fantasy—assumed to come out of a magic door in the Supernatural “Air Castle–and not the truth or anything near it. Predators’ most exciting mental life aspects are the sensations, emotions, desires, and aspirations taking place in a universal arena of illusions in which they star in slaying the Chimera ‘monster’. To gain even more excitement, they put on a “little god” mask which enables each to believe that is who one is—or even greater. This drives one to declare oneself to be mentally and morally superior to those who differ in any way from whatever one is for. The mask is a product of ones self-creation—that one projects oneself into—and that one recognizes oneself in it. An effective self-image in this drama must be of a nature to cause one to be feared rather than loved.

To imitate evil under the illusion of: “I am doing good” means one will always go beyond the example the image sets. Predators reflect these ‘monster’ images without absorbing them and the mirror in which they view them contains nothing but itself. That means there is typically no one thing to point to that urges getting revenge. Hence, to kill is exciting–establishes or cements bonds with ones fellows—brings honor—and establishes ‘little god” delusions. All of this spares one the ordeal of thinking about ones harsh reality. The mask and doing it for the “Air Castle” cult cause prevents taking responsibility for the reality one has created.