100 Maps in 100 Days


I need you.

I recently announced Mapping Black California, our new initiative with the global geospatial technology giant Esri. As we embark on our 45th year in news publishing, it is clear that technology has transformed our industry. Since the development of the internet, cloud computing, and social media and the proliferation of mobile devices, the tools we use to tell stories have become increasingly more sophisticated, visually engaging, and interactive.

Our partnership with Esri will allow us to bring data on African-Americans in California to life in a digital format that will provide an unprecedented understanding of where we are, so that we can better prepare for where we need to be

Joining my project collaborators Esri President Jack Dangermond and Cheryl Brown at Mapping Black California's inaugural meeting.

Maps tell stories – revealing patterns, comparing data, presenting narratives – they also recount history, break news, and illustrate change. Through this initiative we will create base maps that will lay the foundation as well as story maps that will combine interactive maps with other rich content to provide spatial and data analysis. Our goal is to utilize Web GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to present thoughtful analyses of Black California by studying, tracking, and monitoring key data sets that explore numerous things including:

Leading our content team will be Creative Director Andre Loftis, Jr. Like me, Andre is a Cal State University, San Bernardino graduate and has been an integral member of our organization for three years. His team will include researchers & writers, designers, and digital cartographers with GIS knowledge. Our alma mater is an important partner in the effort, and will be funding interns to assist the team.

Andre Loftis, Mapping Black California Creative Director.

Last week we celebrated our 45th anniversary. My goal for the next 100 days is to fund 100 maps. That’s why I need you…this is a community mapping project and we need you to help us build this resource.

Your partnership can underwrite the cost to create each interactive, informative, and visually stimulating story map. Maps that we know will become assets to policy and decision makers, business and foundation leaders, educators and advocates. Please support our content creation team as we create maps that empower our community and transform our world.

We have 100 days to fund 100 maps. To become a community partner in this effort, please send contributions payable to Black Voice Foundation to: P.O. Box 912, Riverside, California 92502. Or call our office if you prefer contributing by credit card: (951) 682-6070. All contributions are tax-deductible, and you will be listed as a community-mapping partner in all initiative materials.

You can also donate online using the buttons above.

If you need more information or have specific ideas you would like to discuss, call or text me at (951) 830-1827. I really do need you to help make this initiative successful.


Paulette Brown-Hinds, PhD
Publisher, Black Voice News/Voice News