Announcing a groundbreaking film: MY NAME IS MYEISHA

Inspired by the headlines of a nation and written in the hearts of a people, MY NAME IS MYEISHA begins on the evening of December 28, 1998, and through seventy-five minutes of spoken word, beatboxing and hip-hop dance beckons the audience, as witnesses, through an American tragedy with the uncommon intimacy only experienced when you suddenly lose someone. In this instance—a young black woman named Myeisha Jackson. Continue reading Announcing a groundbreaking film: MY NAME IS MYEISHA


Movie Review: Deadpool

“I’m super, but I’m not a superhero,” clarifies Deadpool, a petulant mutate. Yes, he has mighty powers, but no pretense about being a nice guy. If there is ever an Avengers Hall of Fame, he’ll never get there; they wouldn’t even let him clean the latrines. If an Avenger ever makes it on to the front of a Wheaties box, it won’t be him. But he’s OK with that. He’s OK with being in his own skin, even though it’s a disfigured mess. If you’re looking for an unconventional protagonist, with a potty mouth and devilish mind, fly to the theaters to see Deadpool. Or at least walk. Continue reading Movie Review: Deadpool



Primitive Europeans were warriors and that Supernatural Brute mindset “Seed” of War produced a “Tree” in which every part exhibited the Law of Holonomy–the whole of the warrior philosophy wrapped in a Supernatural context remained inside the Seed; that whole was/is contained in each of the Seed’s manifested parts; and the Seed is still found throughout the whole. Continue reading SUPERNATURAL “BEAUTY?”