Beyond Ferguson: Time for Young Black Leaders

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Differences in Black and White

Differences in Black and White

(NNPA) Public opinion polls confirm a fact that has been documented in instances ranging from the O.J. Simpson verdict t... Read more

Julianne Malveaux

Policing the Police

Policing the Police

(NNPA) Except for the Good Lord, everybody has someone or something to “check” him or her. Unfortunately, President Obam... Read more

A Black Life is Worth Less than a $50 Box of Cigars?

A Black Life is Worth Less than a $50 Box of Cigars?

(NNPA) Under other circumstances one could simply ridicule the explanations offered by the Ferguson police regarding the... Read more

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Donna Brazile Announces Democrats for Public Education

Addresses 3,500 members of the American Federation of TeachersLOS ANGELES — Addressing more than 3,500 members of the American Federation of Teachers ... Read more

New Report: Covered California’s Big Enrollment Numbers Mask Problems

Serious Issues Hampered Outreach to Limited-English Californians BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – Covered California, the state health insurance exchange crea... Read more

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Obama's Immigration Policies are Biased Against Immigrants from Africa

Obama's Immigration Policies, if Adopted, Would Prejudice U.S. Immigration Policy Against Immigrants from AfricaObama's Threatened Executive Actions Would Legalize Millions from Central America and Mexico... Read more

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Black People's Dance

Black People's Dance

Starting with the very first communal gatherings of earliest Africans there was an assortment of things which served as a bridge between their Seen World... Read more


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